How are solar farms energising communities? | Electricity

The solar farm brings renewable energy to our community, and it’s actually driving new businesses to our community. Shell’s investment in Silicon Ranch is helping generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 7,500 homes at its 400-acre solar farm in Millington. It’s very exciting. All new industry now, it seems like one of the […]

Generate your own solar power and use it effectively

[Music] This is the house where the Reinhardt family lives. Since 2013, they have been operating their own PV system, because they are real fans of solar power. It runs in the family. We first opted for a PV system back in 2004 that we installed on a larger roof space, and we saw that […]

$8 power bill and Rodney’s 1st year owning Solar energy

I’m here with Rodney we’re at his meter right here actually talking about the bi-directional nature of the meter and you just got back from Italy and how big was your power my power bill? It was $28 total, that’s my gas had my electric! my wife and I looked at each other and smiled […]

Power to the people

Well when it comes to cutting the cost of electricity, the South Australian town of Port Pirie is leading the way. It’s created the country’s first-ever Community Power Network and it’s slashing bills and literally giving the power back to the people. The scheme is the brainchild of a very innovative little council and now […]

Why you can and should trust solar energy start-ups | Bangalore, India

We will start with a small prayer.. These are the 12 names of the Sun God. We are happy to generate our own electricity. Thanks to the Solar energy and everyone at Solarify. See how do you learn swimming? You go into the water, take a dip, struggle, and then only swimming. If you say […]

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

Energy Independence from concept to reality what if you could have total control over your own power system that allows you to be completely independent of the electric grid? what if this power system will supply all of your power heating and cooling requirements and do it more efficiently and at a fraction of the […]

Low cost solar pumping system- The RainMaker

welcome to SunCulture and take you through the Rainmaker pumping system so what is included in this system to have a submersible pump we have the sprinklers we give you two of them one is metallic and one is plastic we give you the fittings for their system we give you a battery pack which […]

सौर ऊर्जा | सोलर पंप | Solar Power | EP2 | PlugInCaroo

Hi friends we will talk about Solar Energy today. Before beginning I would like to WARN YOU that there are people from companies who are leaving their name and phone numbers and asking you to call them… …call them at your own risk. We are no way connected to these people and we do not […]