The First Results Are in From NASA’s Closest Flyby of the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe team is kind of blowing everyone away with some unprecedented findings about the behavior of our sun, solar wind and the star’s peculiar magnetic field. Since its launch in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe has been busy collecting data to help answer some of the biggest unsolved mysteries about the star […]

Parker Solar Probe findings: Rotational solar wind flow and rogue magnetic waves

KASPER>>Parker Solar Probe has shown us that the rotation of the Sun influences the solar wind a lot more than we expected. Think of a blender making whipped cream. As the blades rotate, the cream will rotate around with the blades. Same thing’s happening in the sun’s atmosphere. It’s magnetic field is so strong that […]

NASA ScienceCasts: Effects of the Solar Wind

[ MUSIC ] Effects of the Solar Wind – Presented by [email protected] The wind speed of a devastating Category 5 hurricane can top over 150 miles per hour (241km/hour.) Now imagine another kind of wind with an average speed of 0.87 million miles per hour (1.4 million km/hour.) Welcome to the wind that begins in […]

NASA’s New Solar Scope Is Ready For Balloon Flight

NASA and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute are testing a new way to study the Sun. From NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility’s field site in Fort Sumner, New Mexico a football field-sized balloon is flying to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. It’s carrying an instrument called BITSE — the Balloon-borne Investigation of Temperature […]

Huge Solar Storm Targets Earth as Rare Black Supermoon Darkens the Sky

Skywatch media news for July 31, 2019 here’s what’s happening a massive coronal hole has formed in the upper atmosphere of the Sun which will head directly towards Earth on the same day that our planet is covered in the mysterious dark light of a black super moon the first stream of cosmic particles will […]

How Earth’s Magnetic Field Twists and Buckles During Solar Storms

Traveling at the near speed of light, energetic particles shooting out from the sun can zip through space, smack into our planet’s atmosphere, and cause incredible disruptions. And one of the biggest impacts we know of happened during the tail end of the Vietnam War. President Nixon really wanted to pull us out, but wanted to […]