Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to report of asteroids barreling toward Earth

The Strangest Star Ever Observed from Earth

The state of our knowledge about the Universe is in a strange place now. We can map countless stars around us, but we seem to be just stumbling upon every discovery. Some of them are so puzzling, even skeptical scientists start to suspect aliens! The brightest example is the Tabby Star, who’s light dims as […]

Secretary Moniz Speaks at Solar Impulse Press Conference

It is a pleasure to be here. I’m going to just be very brief and start by actually repeating themes that Bertrand (sp) and Andre (sp) have noted, because this wonderful achievement — I mean, this — really, this engineering marvel cuts — touches on four really critical areas for the Department of Energy. They’ve […]

How NASA Engineers Use Origami To Design Future Spacecraft

Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. For years it has been used to create stunning works of art. But it has also been used in maybe more surprising ways, like car airbags, stents and even space exploration. What we want in space are large structures, not necessarily massive, but large. Which means […]

Could We Terraform Mars?

Thanks to LEGO – presenting LEGO City – for their support of PBS Digital Studios. Humanity’s future is glorious. As we master space travel, we’ll hop from one lifeless world to the next. Life will blossom in our path and the galaxy with shimmer with beautiful Earth-like orbs. Hmmm… maybe. This won’t sound so far […]

The Fastest Star Ever Is Going Through Our Galaxy

Well hi! Unless you’re an astronomer, you probably don’t think of stars as moving all that quickly. You might not even know they move at all. If that’s the case, you’d be surprised to learn that a star called S5-HVS1 is zipping through our galaxy at over ten thousand miles per second. [siren] Alright buddy, […]

The helical model – our solar system is a vortex

El viejo modelo heliocéntrico de nuestro sistema solar… …de planetas rotando alrededor del sol… …no solo es aburrido, sino además incorrecto. Nuestro Sistema Solar se mueve a través del espacio a 70.000Km/hr Ahora imagina esto en su lugar: El Sol es como un cometa, arrastrando a los planetas en su estela Puedes ver el “vórtice”? […]

A Huge Emptiness Has Been Found Near Our Galaxy

“The Universe is constantly expanding.” You’ve heard that phrase plenty of times, yet have you ever really wrapped your brain around it? If the earth is a planet in the solar system, which is only a part of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is one of countless others in an infinite universe, and the whole […]

The World’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: 2019-2040’s (Season 2 – Complete)

These are the most ambitious megaprojects in development around the world. No other country, with the exception of China and perhaps India, is undergoing a bigger building boom than Turkey. The Turkish government is overseeing a $400 billion spending spree on infrastructure that it hopes will lay the groundwork for a rapid economic rise. The […]

Developing Nuclear Fusion in a Basement with a Reclusive Gunsmith

my name is Douglas Coulter DIY engineer I was a bellboy bandit in the security business or the as it’s otherwise known in the intelligence community I have been a racecar driver I’m currently a gunsmith and competitive shooter one inch ha owner and purveyor of Technology when I feel like it this is our […]