NASA’s Gold Box Will Make Oxygen on Mars

The Martian atmosphere is ninety five percent carbon dioxide, about a few percent nitrogen, a few percent argon, trace amounts of everything else. But there’s still a lot of CO2, and so that’s probably the most abundant resource on Mars other than dirt. CO2 has oxygen bound in it. And if we can liberate that […]

How Slime Mold Is Tackling Mysteries of Cosmology | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] One of the best ways to solve problems in science can be, well, borrowing from other kinds of science—because there are often surprising connections between disciplines that seem totally unrelated. Sometimes, though, these connections can go from unrelated to like, far-fetched. Like, that can’t be a thing! Like, say, slime molds predicting the […]

The Big Bang – and what it sounds like | MDR DOK

Seit Anbeginn der Menschheit schauen wir ehrfürchtig in den Sternenhimmel und fragen: Was erwartet uns da draußen? Der Fortschritt hat uns mehr Antworten gegeben, als wir je zu träumen wagten. Mit jedem Schritt weiter, mit jeder Grenze, die wir überschreiten, um den Sternen näher zu kommen, gibt uns das Weltall neue Rätsel auf. Das ist […]

Does Anything Exist Outside Of the Universe? | Unveiled

The night sky was once shrouded in total mystery. The human eye could only understand so much of what it saw, and it wasn’t until the first telescope was invented in the 1600s that the heavens became just a little bit clearer. But we do still have so much left to learn… not least about […]

Coronavirus: nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over Italy

How Jupiter’s Moons Showed Us the Speed of Light

[INTRO ♪] Today, we know that light travels through a vacuum at a specific speed, and we even know what that speed is. In fact, we also know that the speed of light is not just any number. It’s the fastest anything can travel in the universe—the universal speed limit. But it wasn’t always obvious […]

Life’s Hidden Energy

This is our world. This is the world that we have created. There is a reason why these things happen. There is a reason we have got the kind of outcomes that we’ve got on our planet. There is a reason that human beings have turned out the way they are. We are trying to […]

50 New Things Discovered in the Last Decade

When someone says: “10 years ago”, we think they talk about the 90s. (Come on, I can’t be the only one.) Yet, in just a decade, we’ve had so many new discoveries and fun facts that brought us closer to understanding how the world works. Let’s go back in time and check it out: 2010 […]

Emery Smith – Popis mimozemských bytostí

Emery Smith – A description of extraterrestrial beings I welcome you to another work by Insider Emery Smith, who was a military pilot, a doctor, and a surgeon, who had been quietly working for ten years inside the secret security services, whose activities created intrusion into the Secret Space Programs. This time on the topic: […]

Wal Thornhill: Supernovas, Neutron Stars and Black Holes “Break the Rules” | Space News

Welcome to Space News from the Electric Universe, brought to you by the Thunderbolts Project™ at Wal, I love the topic of supernovas for the Electric Universe for a couple of big reasons. Number one, as I mentioned earlier, it was well over a decade ago, that you wrote your own scientific paper which […]