Top Inventions of Nikola Tesla! Inventor of modern electricity!

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor who lived from July 1856 to January 1943 perhaps you have not heard of him by name but you will have undoubtedly heard of his many inventions so let’s look at the top inventions of Nikola Tesla see how many of these inventions you still use today number […]

Lec 06: High-Voltage Breakdown and Lightning | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism (Walter Lewin)

Last time I mentioned to you that charge resides at the surface of solid conductors but that it’s not uniformly distributed. Perhaps you remember that, unless it happens to be a sphere. And I want to pursue that today. If I had a solid conductor which say had this shape and I’m going to convince […]

Bill Morrison | Electricity — Behind the scenes

I wouldn’t call it modern material but it is, in some ways, dealing with a modern theme, a theme that we still are all quite beholden to: energy, power, electricity, how we make it work for us. I think that it heralds a new age that we all can identify with. This material was an […]

Electricity Can Kill You!

Some friends ask: “Isn’t it the electrical current that kills you?” Well yes, but the voltage needs to be high enough to generate enough current. Something that’s capable of generating hundreds of amps doesn’t necessarily hurt you. For example, a capacitor like this one can generate a lot of current. And right now it’s charged […]

What is STATIC ELECTRICITY? w/ Illustration

Everyone’s had that moment where they walk across their carpet and reach for a door handle, only to be greeted by an irritating shock. This phenomenon is known as static electricity, and a more drastic example can be seen when lightning occurs. Although chemists and physicists are unsure of how exactly static electricity works, many […]

Don’t Mix Electricity And Water!

Setting Valve Lash Clearances on a Portable Gas Generator

World Leading Portable Generator Parts Supplier How to set Valve Lash Clearances on a Portable Gas Generator The spark plug is located above the valve rocker cover and a bit back under the gas tank. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the valve rocker cover and there they are! Exhaust is on the left. Intake […]

The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

Hi, I’d like to rectify free energy. It’s one of the hot topics between electronic enthusiasts. There are many demonstrations built by people out there, such as this guy from Pakistan who invented such machine with 1.6 million video video views. Electric companies hate him, mainly because he’s wearing huge sunglasses indoors. He has a […]