Review: Riese & Muller Load & Packster Bosch Electric Cargo Bikes

– [Brett] Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. We have never sold a front-loading cargo bike before, and it’s because we haven’t really found any that really work in a really hilly place like the San Francisco Bay area. That all changes with the Riese & […]

How Jupiter’s Moons Showed Us the Speed of Light

[INTRO ♪] Today, we know that light travels through a vacuum at a specific speed, and we even know what that speed is. In fact, we also know that the speed of light is not just any number. It’s the fastest anything can travel in the universe—the universal speed limit. But it wasn’t always obvious […]

Review: Riese & Muller Delite & Superdelite Full Suspension Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel and I’m joined today by Brett, my partner, to talk about one of the most singular bikes in our shop, the Riese & Müller Delite. This year Riese & Muller totally revamped the bike, it’s super exciting. And Brett, you’ve had some time […]

This Massive Black Hole Is Blasting a Jet at 99% the Speed of Light

In April of 2019, astronomers revealed they had successfully taken the first picture ever of a black hole. Well, you know, the black hole’s silhouette at least, since it’s impossible to take a photo of a black hole itself without crossing the event horizon and getting spaghetti-fied. Now, astronomers have announced that the same black […]

Chế xe đạp điện sử dụng 4 Motor 775 tốc độ 70km/h | DIY Make Electric Bike using motor

WARNING! Vehicles are reinforced to withstand the speed. The video was shot at noon on the street. Speed ​​measurement software has errors, actual speed may be smaller.

Make your own Sensored ESC || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 1)

Since warm seasons are slowly approaching, it was time for me to free my bicycle from dust and oil it’s chain And, as you can see its mechanical drive system still works without a problem. But for an electronics enthusiast like me, it is kind of boring… That is why I ordered an E – […]

Improving my electric longboard with a CAN Bus! What can the CAN Bus do? EB#44

TorqAmp 48V Electric Turbo Supercharger at SEMA 2019

all right so I’m here at SEMA 2018 I’m in the new products booth and something here it caught my eye we’re talking with yelkur hoop star that’s my name from another one’s yeah that’s correct what’s this product you have here well we made the tour camp on the tour camp is an electric […]

Electric Skateboard SPEED TEST!! ⚡

Fast & Powerful 17kW DIY eBike|Electric Bike|Wheelies, Drifting, Acceleration