5-Star Vs Budget | A 2 Day Electric Adventure

(electronic music) – Alright Jones, where are we going? – The finest technical riding in the Black Mountains. – New adventure for me, this sounds good. Alright. So, you got your charger? – Yeah, check. – I’ve got a charger, good. I’ve got a credit card. – Check. – Where are we staying? – Phil […]

3 Energy Stock Picks

Welcome to the Morningstar series, “3 Stock Picks.” I’m Holly Black. With me is Rachel Winter. She is Investment Director at Killik & Co. Hello. Hello. Good afternoon. So, we’ve got a bit of an energy theme for our stock picks today. Where would you like to start? We do. We’ve got three energy companies. […]

Can Energy Stocks Still Provide a Safe Source of Income?

Hello and welcome to the Morningstar Series “Why Should I Invest With You?” I’m Emma Wall and I’m joined today by Tineke Frikkee, Manager of the Smith & Williamson U.K. Equity Income Fund. Hello Tineke. Hi there. So I had a look at your fund’s portfolio and there is about 8.5% in energy stocks. The […]

Ne-Yo – “Transformer ‘h'” Music Video (The Electric Company)

NE-YO: Hey, look at what I found. Wanna share It with you. NE-YO AND P-STAR: Transformer H. NE-YO: Can’t wait to show you all the things it can do. P-STAR: Hey! NE-YO: When it comes behind the letter– NE-YO AND P-STAR: –C, S, and T– NE-YO: It changes up the sound, stick around, you’ll see […]

Wyclef Jean – Electric City [Music Video] (The Electric Company)

WYCLEF JEAN: [SINGING] Can you feel my energy? CHORUS: [SINGING] Old school. WYCLEF JEAN: Right about now. CHORUS: [SINGING] Old school. NIKKI YANOFSKY: Come on. [SINGING] New school. WYCLEF JEAN: We want the old school and the new school on the dance floor. NIKKI YANOFSKY: [SINGING] Uh-huh, uh-huh. WYCLEF JEAN: This right here is called […]

‘The Electric Company’ Theme Song

ALL: Whoa, come on, yeah. Feel the power! Feel the power! Feel the power, yo, and plug it in! It’s electric, Electric Company. You’re connected. Electric Company. It’s electric, Electric Company. You’re connected. GIRL 1: Yo! ALL: Electric– GIRL 1: Yo! ALL: –company. GIRL 1: Yo! You know the power we perfected is electrically connected. […]

A New Theory Reveals Why Tabby’s Star Looks So Bizarre

There’s an unsolved mystery out there in space. One of many, to be sure, but this is one that some people really want to blame on aliens because we haven’t had a stronger explanation. I’m talking about Boyajian’s star, or KIC 8462852 and some new observations that may have just given us the information we […]

Dark Matter? No. Birkeland Currents? Yes! | Space News

Welcome to Space News from the Electric Universe, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info In our previous episode, we introduced a potential scientific breakthrough that could have profound implications for all of cosmology, eliminating the perceived need for dark matter. In recent years, retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott has […]

First Results from the Probe That Went to the Sun

[♪ INTRO] The Sun is a pretty big deal. It affects pretty much everything that happens here on Earth as well as all the other planets in the solar system. But in some ways, we know shockingly little about what the Sun is actually like. Now, that’s about to change, thanks to the first results […]