Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted’s Scooter Worth $1,600?

Another company is bringing scooters to the streets. This is the Boosted Rev, a $1,600 electric scooter from the company best known for its electric skateboards. Boosted, formally Boosted Boards, was one of the first companies to take light electric vehicles mainstream. Motorized skateboard. The scooter shares a lot of the same technology and performance […]

Can Wendy’s Beat McDonald’s And Burger King?

Wendys is sick of losing the fast food wars to McDonald’s and Burger King to fix that. It’s turning to breakfast and customers outside the U.S. in early 2020, it’s going to add a breakfast menu in the U.S. by 2021. It’s going to open stores in Europe, starting with the United Kingdom. There’s just […]

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

China has the fastest and largest high-speed rail network in the world. The country has more than 19,000 miles of high-speed rail, the vast majority of which was built in the last decade. Japan’s bullet trains can reach speeds of almost 200 miles per hour. And date back to the 1960s. They’ve become a staple […]

Tesla Breaks Sales Record Again!

The Debate Behind Video Game Violence

Today, 65% of American adults and nearly all teenagers play video games. Games look evermore real. They can, and do, show incredibly detailed violence. And since their beginnings, video games have come with an implicit assumption that they’re probably doing something bad to us. 77% of parents believe media violence, including video games, is contributing […]

The Future of Energy: Fossil Fuels, Electric Vehicles, and Alternative *** INDUSTRY FOCUS ***

Taylor Muckerman: Parlez-vous français Fools? C’est la Industry Focus. Hey, Fools! Taylor Muckerman here with Tyler Crowe. We’re talking about the Paris Climate Change Conference and some impacts that it might have on the overall energy sector, and also, what companies in general are doing to address climate change and the use of fossil fuels. […]

Why Don’t We Have Electric Planes Yet?

The invention of flight has been one of the most profound technologies in history. And for the past century it has functioned pretty much the same way. But that could all change. The advent of lithium ion batteries and electric propulsion technologies is igniting a revolution in transportation. Everything from cars to trucks and buses […]

Who Pre-Ordered Tesla’s Cybertruck?

Tesla finally unveiled its highly anticipated all electric pickup truck and people have opinions. Talking about that truck again that crazy looking moon truck. The design of this is pretty spectacular. I have never heard a truck owner say, “you know, I just love cyberpunk and what I’d love to buy is my next truck […]

Tesla Stock FUD Media Manipulation – Why is there so much NEGATIVE NEWS on Tesla?

Oh No another Tesla on fire caught on a surveillance cam in China oh god no demand for the model 3 is going down Oh No Tesla Model X and S sales are dropping oh no Tesla is being sued again by the family of the guy who died in the crash last year Tesla […]

SolarCity’s Wild Ride Continues

Chris Hill: On Tuesday, shares of SolarCity fell more than 20% after a disappointing first-quarter report. But the stock began to claw its way back later in the week, got back maybe about half of those losses. Simon, this is one of those stocks that is not for the faint of heart. Simon Erickson: No […]