How to use an oscilloscope / What is an oscilloscope / Oscilloscope tutorial

T T T hey youtube is welcome to the session where we haven’t game to you have a little tutorial on how to use an oscilloscope an now I want to do you passed before we get into doing he needs to learn how to use is a Skype is perhaps just explain a little […]

Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

Batteries and Supercapacitors

With Tesla’s recent purchase of Maxwell Technologies, I thought it was a perfect time to take a closer look at the current state of batteries and what could be next. As well as what supercapacitors are, why so many people are excited by them, and a wonder material that could change … everything. So we’re […]

Battery Spot Welder (CD Welder) || DIY or Buy

In a previous project video I showed you how to create a battery pack out of 18650 lithium ion batteries. Back, then I utilized a rather riskier and not recommended methods of connecting the battery cells together. By soldering the nickel strips directly to them. This can be dangerous because you heat up the battery […]

Is This New Super Carbon Better Than Graphene?

Graphene is heralded as a wonder-material that could completely change our world. Its incredibly flexible, strong and conductive carbon structure promises to revolutionize energy storage, computing, and technology as we know it. But graphene isn’t the only nanocarbon out there with promising applications. There’s one in particular that’s been capturing scientists’ attention for decades, and […]

How Supercapacitors Could Make Batteries a Thing of the Past

Researchers recently and quite accidentally discovered something that could change the whole electric car ballgame. If their predictions are accurate, we could one day live in a world where cars can be fully charged in minutes instead of hours, and their power storage units would last decades instead of years. What is this tantalizing breakthrough […]

What is a graphene supercapacitor?

A supercapacitor is a device that stores energy that can be rapidly charged and discharged this makes it distinctly different from a battery which takes much longer graphene is an ideal material to incorporate into supercapacitors due to its remarkable conductivity its high surface area mechanical robustness and even flexibility this allows us to create […]