XR A lawn unto themselves | The Mallen Baker Show

in this roundup of the week, Extinction Rebellion protests against damage to the environment by damaging the environment, a study suggests that the contribution to methane levels from fossil fuels is higher than previously thought, and the US Republicans’ climate plan gets push back from some of its own people as the latest Democratic candidates’ […]

Koodaideri Solar Plant

Today we’ve approved construction of our first solar plant in the Pilbara of Western Australia. This 34 megawatt facility will consist of approximately 100,000 solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells that will convert the sunlight we have here in the Pilbara region into electricity. It will power our newest iron ore mine, Koodaideri which […]

Can Skiing Be Sustainable? | Laax: “Green” Wintersport In The Swiss Alps | Euromaxx

Perched high in one of Europe’s largest ski areas is Switzerland’s Laax region. A prime winter sports destination, it’s set to become the first energy-self-sufficient, carbon-neutral winter resort in the Alps. With the help of GPS, snow cannons use lesswater and energy, and these snow groomers have hybrid drive. We find it very important, that […]

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Overview

At Schneider Electric, the heart of our IoT system architecture is the EcoStruxure Platform. Connecting everything in your enterprise, from the shop floor to the top floor… Collecting critical data, from sensors to the cloud. Analyzing data to discover meaningful insights. Enabling you to take action by closing the loop through real-time information and business […]

Solar Battery Installer Reviews on RedEarth Energy Storage | Australia

G’day I’m Reagan from RedEarth Energy Storage and today we’re at Glenelg golf course in South Australia about to commence our installer training for 45 CPD points. We’re here to help them show homeowners and businesses how they can save money by using their RedEarth Energy Storage battery system I’ve done a bit of reading […]

Switzerland | A Documentary by Stromer & The New Wheel Electric Bikes

♪ [music] ♪ – [Karen] No, find taxi, locate a taxi so we get all this shit… – [Brett] Why don’t we just move out like… – No – You don’t want to go to the street? ♪ [music] ♪ – Hi, My name is Karen Wiener, I’m here with Ida, and we are in […]

Explore Your Career Path & Consider New Job Opportunities | Schneider Electric Careers

Life is ON | Schneider Electric What makes me excited about Schneider Electric is that we’re pioneers in technology. These are market-leading products that we’re launching and so it’s exciting to be a part of that process and a part of that team. So we’re hiring thousands and thousands of people, with 144,000 employees. I […]

Our Money Makes A Difference

You care about the environment. Healthy food and clean water. Equality. Poverty. Sustainability. And yet you wonder … “Can I really make a difference?” Well you can! Many women don’t realize we have a powerful tool at our disposal … OUR MONEY. And the way we bank, shop and invest can make a much bigger […]

What Is Energy Democracy?

I feel very hopeful and honored to be here, connecting with individuals all across the nation, that have been doing phenomenal work pushing the envelope around energy democracy. Energy democracy is not only the ability but the necessity to determine the use of energy, which is a microcosm of a community determining their own destiny. […]

What are the major types of material PV cells are made of?

PV cells are made of semi-conductors materials and they can be divided generally in different aspects concerning the manufacturing technology, the energy conversion efficiency, as well as the absorbance light efficiency and so we can divide them in two categories, that are: crystalline cells and thin film cells. The more reliable, but less cost effective, […]