How does the electricity-free Coolar refrigerator work?

Hi I’m Christoph one of the co-founders of Coolar This fridge is going to a field test today and before we send it out I’ll explain to you exactly how it works This Coolar fridge runs completely without electricity Instead it uses solar heat to run a sorption cooling cycle in this way it can […]

SAVE OUR PLANET – Steep global temperature increase from continued fossil fuel burning

Beyond Fossil Fuels: Sustainable Industry Immersion – UC Davis Graduate School of Management

And you get that opportunity to actually talk to the speaker at a personal level and that’s something that you never, ever get. The Industry Immersion Program is unique at UC Davis. Now that I have graduated, the Immersion Program has been something that I always reminisce back to. I had the opportunity to speak […]

How does an inverter and MPPT of a PV system Work? – Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

The solar inverter is one of the most important power electronic devices that makes the modern PV system widely usable. It makes the DC power from the modules usable for all the appliances in our house. Although these appliances might internally either work with DC or AC, all of them are used to an AC […]

Status and prospects of PV Technology – Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

What is the current status of Solar energy? To gain some insight into the current status, I would like to discuss the production of solar modules. We will consider different aspects of the production, starting off with the annual installation of PV technology. This figure shows the global annually installed peak power, in GWp, as […]

Policies to Improve Energy Efficiency – Sustainable Energy – TU Delft

Hey everyone, welcome back! Meeting the rapidly rising energy demand with mostly or solely renewable energies is a huge challenge. So next to stimulating renewable energy uptake and reducing CO2 emissions, we will also have to reduce our overall energy consumption. Improving energy efficiency is an effective way to do this without sacrificing our living […]

How Electricity Works & The Energy Transition to Renewable Energy | Schneider Electric

Additional optical and electrical losses in solar cells

So far, we have discussed the Shockley-Queisser limit to the maximal conversion efficiency of a single-junction solar cell. However, to derive the Shockley-Queisser limit we used a number of assumptions that hold for an ideal solar cell. In reality, there are always additional losses in solar cells that we, engineers, try to overcome to get […]

Which Countries Lack Electricity?

In 2012, the United Nations launched its worldwide effort to fight energy poverty , marking the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All”. Energy poverty is considered a lack of energy infrastructure and resources. Roughly one in seven people around the world lack access to electricity, almost exclusively in developing countries. Although things are improving, […]