Michel Laberge: How synchronized hammer strikes could generate nuclear fusion

Wow, this is bright. It must use a lot of power. Well, flying you all in here must have cost a bit of energy too. So the whole planet needs a lot of energy, and so far we’ve been running mostly on fossil fuel. We’ve been burning gas. It’s been a good run. It got […]

Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo So this is a hotel room, kind of like the one I’m staying in. I get bored sometimes. A room like this has not a lot to offer for entertainment. But for a hacker, it gets a little interesting because that television is not like the television in […]

David Mackay: A reality check on renewables

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast When the Industrial Revolution started, the amount of carbon sitting underneath Britain in the form of coal was as big as the amount of carbon sitting under Saudi Arabia in the form of oil. This carbon powered the Industrial Revolution, it put the “Great” in Great Britain, and led […]

Solving Our Problems with Nuclear Energy | Google Zeitgeist

>>Taylor Wilson: So I want to talk a little bit about redeeming the atom because we have been trying to harness its power for about seven decades now, and we’re not quite there yet. And I think the future of our civilization depends on being able to harness the power and perfect our ability to […]

When to Recognize Opportunity | Google Zeitgeist

Chrystia Freeland: Thank you. Thank you very much, Nikesh. And as Nikesh was talking, I realized what the genius of these Zeitgeist conferences is, which is the genius of Google. He pointed out that people don’t come to these conferences to hear Google people talking; they invite lots of others. So it’s user-generated content. They […]

Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy | Kirk Sorensen | TEDxColoradoSprings

Translator: Amanda Chu Reviewer: Peter van de Ven It starts all the way back at the beginning of the universe 14 billion years ago, with the Big Bang and formation of everything when everything was just hydrogen and helium and a little some other stuff. But stars and galaxies began to form, and they were […]

Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor | Taylor Wilson

Translator: Jenny Zurawell So my name is Taylor Wilson. I am 17 years old and I am a nuclear physicist, which may be a little hard to believe, but I am. And I would like to make the case that nuclear fusion will be that point, that the bridge that T. Boone Pickens talked about […]

A young scientist’s quest for clean water | Deepika Kurup

Every summer, my family and I travel across the world, 3,000 miles away to the culturally diverse country of India. Now, India is a country infamous for its scorching heat and humidity. For me, the only relief from this heat is to drink plenty of water. Now, while in India, my parents always remind me […]

TEDxSapporo – Sanae Ichihara – Stop nuclear plants

Translator: Ayana Ishiyama Reviewer: Reiko Bovee Nice to meet you. I’m Sanae Ichihara. The title of my speech is “Stop Nuclear Plants.” Listen to this conversation. “What’s the level in your house?” “0.8 in the garden, 0.7 at the door” “So how about your school?” “Over three, these days.” “Whatever the number is, we feel […]