Tesla Explained: Tesla, Apple, and Disruption

Sponsored by The Great Courses Plus. Click on the link in the description to start your free trial today. Tesla has been the instigator in the great auto disruption we’re currently watching play out. They’ve brought one of the lowest cost, high performance electric vehicles to market in the Model 3. Proven that owning an […]


Elon Musk and Tesla have been in the news recently – and not only for the right reasons. Elon Musk is considered by many, the real-life Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Tesla has not only become a brand through Musk, but thanks to his innovative ideas and ventures, it has become a reservoir of concepts […]

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Why Did MKBHD Upgrade His Tesla Model S?

Pitching Your Wife – Part 2 – Convincing Your Wife to Buy a Tesla

– Welcome to part two of this three-part series on convincing your wife to let you buy a Tesla. Now it’s time to do our homework and really dig in and figure out what the key pieces are that are gonna help, kind of push her over the edge and convince her that this is […]

TESLA TINY HOUSE! Live Tesla New Recap and Q&A for Aug 14, 2017

– Hey everyone, thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics LIVE. I’m your host Ben Sullins and what we do is we take a look at the biggest news about Tesla over the past week or the EV industry, your related companies and those kinds of things, as well as answer some of your […]

Elon Selfishly Takes First Solar Roof For Himself!

– Hey what’s up everyone, thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics Live, I’m your host Ben Sullins, and what we do here is we take a look at the previous week’s news related to Tesla, or other things similar to them, like the solar industry or the EV industry as a whole, and […]