Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup

(electronic music) – Hey everybody, this is Sean from The Verge. And I’m here at Tesla’s Design Studio in Los Angeles, California, where the company just unveiled it’s first electric pickup truck, the CyberTruck. – Welcome to the CyberTruck Unveil. – Now we know Tesla has been working on a pickup truck for a long […]

If You Bought Tesla Stock at IPO, How Much Would You Have?

There’s no other automotive company quite like Tesla. The electric vehicle manufacturer has upended the automotive world since its initial public offering in 2010. After initially producing a concept car roadster, Tesla moved on to the Model S; a high-end sedan that proved that Tesla could make electric vehicles that were, both, practical and tons […]

The Tesla Truck Towing Doesn’t Matter

Tesla Solar Roof Prices, EV Haters, SpaceX Internet, and 5min EV Battery Charge – Teslanomics Live!

Tesla Holiday Update 2019 – First Impressions! (2019.40.50)

Tesla Giveaway & Tesla’s software advantage – the car that keeps getting better

Look. Look. You’re not mine. Someone is going to win you. Okay? A few months ago I put out a video about what I thought Tesla’s top 5 competitive advantages were. I still stand by that list and wouldn’t remove anything, but one advantage that a bunch of you brought up was Tesla’s software. And […]

Tesla’s Cybertruck Marketing Pays BIG!

Owning a Used Tesla – 2 Year Cost Breakdown

Tesla Stock FUD Media Manipulation – Why is there so much NEGATIVE NEWS on Tesla?

Oh No another Tesla on fire caught on a surveillance cam in China oh god no demand for the model 3 is going down Oh No Tesla Model X and S sales are dropping oh no Tesla is being sued again by the family of the guy who died in the crash last year Tesla […]

TESLA NEWS: Consumer Reports on Model X, Keep it S3XY, powering an island, Tesla stock, more!

Consumer Reports has recently given a very underwhelming review to the Model X which was expected. Model X was launched with a number of glitches due to its revolutionary design and therefore complexity. Much like with Model S, most issues have been worked out by the end of its first year. Elon Musk has tweeted […]