Best Tesla to Buy RIGHT NOW (Feb 2020)

– A constant question I get asked is which Tesla should you buy and it varies of course and there’s so many things to consider, but I thought it would be fun just every so often, maybe every four or six months or whatever to go through what Tesla currently is offering from all the […]

How Tesla Is Becoming the KING of Electric Cars

You are watching Kings! Every Saturday we tell the story of how big brands conquered the world Welcome to! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! Hello, Aluxers, and welcome to another original video presented by In the electric car conversation, there is one name that continually rises above the others. […]

2020 Tesla Model 3 review – the best electric car on sale | What Car?

[Music] So, here it is… The car we’ve been waiting for, for quite a long time actually. The Tesla Model 3. It was first unveiled almost three years ago, and although there have been various teething problems, and production bottlenecks along the way. The car has actually been on sale for about 18 months now […]

Roadie Review – Can it Fix Tesla Sentry Mode?

– This past year, Tesla released to all those with a capable car. The ability for it to have its unique and wildly awesome security system called Sentry mode. Now this is kind of unheard of where there are multiple cameras always recording and as a person approaches the vehicle it turns on and to […]

Tesla Giveaway & Tesla’s software advantage – the car that keeps getting better

Look. Look. You’re not mine. Someone is going to win you. Okay? A few months ago I put out a video about what I thought Tesla’s top 5 competitive advantages were. I still stand by that list and wouldn’t remove anything, but one advantage that a bunch of you brought up was Tesla’s software. And […]

Would You Buy a Tesla Model S in 2019?

The Birth of The Tesla Motors – [4K] Documentary National Geographic

Why Tesla And Elon Musk Face Challenges In China

China’s electric car market is skyrocketing and Tesla needs the world’s largest auto market in order to succeed. China produced half of global electric vehicles last year. The United States produced about 20%. China’s clearly way out in front of the United States in terms of size and production scale. Analysts are expecting that in […]

Honest Review Tesla Solar Panels – 6 months after purchase August 2018 $15k total cost. federal tax