Best Tesla to Buy RIGHT NOW (Feb 2020)

– A constant question I get asked is which Tesla should you buy and it varies of course and there’s so many things to consider, but I thought it would be fun just every so often, maybe every four or six months or whatever to go through what Tesla currently is offering from all the […]

How Tesla Is Becoming the KING of Electric Cars

You are watching Kings! Every Saturday we tell the story of how big brands conquered the world Welcome to! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! Hello, Aluxers, and welcome to another original video presented by In the electric car conversation, there is one name that continually rises above the others. […]

How Elon Musk & Tesla Made Electric Cars Cool

Hi, and welcome to The Bottom Line! In this video, we’re going to take a closer look at the fits and starts electric vehicles have experienced over the past few decades, why some automakers are choosing to make hybrids vs. electric cars, and why all-electric vehicles are likely the future. The very first electric cars […]

Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

This is the most secure location that we could find in the building. You notice we have plenty of security down here. There’s a degree of excitement around electric vehicles we haven’t seen before. But somebody’s got to be the first one out there. We need a lot of people trying a lot of different […]

Is the Tesla Supercharger Network Untouchable?

– Tesla supercharger network is the largest and fastest of any company in the world. Despite what some others may claim and things you may hear out there, now Tesla just started to roll out their brand new V3 Supercharger network all across North America. So, I thought it was good time to dive in […]

Take a tour inside Tesla’s first Gigafactory | CNBC Reports

I’m driving up to the Tesla Gigafactory right now, located outside of Reno, Nevada. It’s huge, you can already see it from what feels like a mile away. It’s that signature Tesla red, that’s outlining the top of the production facility. Let’s go check it out. I’m getting rare access inside Tesla’s Gigafactory. The name […]

Gigafactory 4 | Tesla Begins Construction on New Gigafactory

So that was the new location for Gigafactory for just outside of Berlin, Germany. There are some new rumors and updates regarding Gigafactory for as well as some controversy that could end up delaying construction. Let’s get into it. So let’s do a quick recap of Gigafactory three and a quick update on the status […]

Roadie Review – Can it Fix Tesla Sentry Mode?

– This past year, Tesla released to all those with a capable car. The ability for it to have its unique and wildly awesome security system called Sentry mode. Now this is kind of unheard of where there are multiple cameras always recording and as a person approaches the vehicle it turns on and to […]

Tesla success story – is it holding back EV competition?

While Tesla is booming, other companies seem to be struggling to gain a foothold in EVs. Tesla set the bar for what to expect from an EV, but established automakers can’t seem to release brand new EVs that hit that bar. And EV startups, which look capable of delivering compelling EVs, are still getting up […]