Tesla Breaks Sales Record Again!

Who Pre-Ordered Tesla’s Cybertruck?

Tesla finally unveiled its highly anticipated all electric pickup truck and people have opinions. Talking about that truck again that crazy looking moon truck. The design of this is pretty spectacular. I have never heard a truck owner say, “you know, I just love cyberpunk and what I’d love to buy is my next truck […]

Tesla Stock To $3,500? (Elon’s target)

[Welcome to trading nation, I’m Mike Santoli. Tesla’s rough ride continues, the stock falling more than 5 percent on Thursday] [I don’t think it’s gonna be worth betting on any time in the near future. I mean, what you have here’s] [you have a company that’s just, quite frankly, notorious for over promising and under […]

Tesla 2018 Q4 Earnings Call (No Ads)

Tesla Supercharger Network Could Double in Next 12 Months [highlight]

Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition

There are many people filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt when it comes to EVs. Many myths and misconceptions are passed around as fact. In some cases these are perpetuated by people and organizations that have an axe to grind against EV adoption, and in other cases it comes from well-intentioned people who believe the […]

Tesla Explained: Tesla, Apple, and Disruption

Sponsored by The Great Courses Plus. Click on the link in the description to start your free trial today. Tesla has been the instigator in the great auto disruption we’re currently watching play out. They’ve brought one of the lowest cost, high performance electric vehicles to market in the Model 3. Proven that owning an […]

Is this Tesla’s New COO?