The World’s Quickest and Fastest Electric Drag Car – Don Garlits & Holley EVI

We went to Hurst, we took the car completely apart, I say we, my wife and I, that’s all there was, there wasn’t even a helper. Took it completely apart, laid it out on the ground, they photographed it, it was a famous picture, me by all of the parts, put it back together, and […]

Electric Cars Could Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade

The world is running out of oil. At least that was the idea behind the “peak oil” hypothesis that dominated economic thinking for decades. But it turns out that with fracking, deep-water drilling, and oil sands, there’s a lot more oil in the world than we once thought. The old “peak oil” theory ain’t happening. […]

What If All Cars Were Electric?

There was a time when our city streets sounded like this: Today, they sound like this: But what will the streets of tomorrow sound like? it’s only a matter of time before the internal combustion engine sputters out for good. This is ‘What If,’ and here’s what would happen if all cars went electric. In […]

Third Row Tesla Podcast – Elon’s Story – Part 1

welcome to the thermo Tesla podcast my name’s Sathyan for ball and today we have a very special guest but before I introduce our special guest I’m gonna go through and introduce our crew so our regular throat elsewhat podcaster crew so today we have omar Kazi hustle truth boom and we have Kristen hey […]

Will Elon Musk Commercialize Electric Jets Using Tesla’s Battery Technology?

Do you think Elon Musk is planning for this to be a product that actually goes into the mainstream, they manufacture billions of revenue? Or do you think it’s just a one-off kind of design he wants for himself? No this is gonna change the game. Like this is gonna be a mainstream thing that’s […]

Tesla Solar Roof Prices, EV Haters, SpaceX Internet, and 5min EV Battery Charge – Teslanomics Live!

Electric Trio: The Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 Square Off | Edmunds

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAN EDMUNDS: What we have here are three electric vehicles that are well known, perhaps because each is a dedicated EV that has no gasoline counterpart. Chevrolet has plugged everything they learned from their Bolt plug-in hybrid into the Bolt EV. JASON KAVANAGH: The Model 3 represents Tesla’s first foray into a more […]

Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna be telling you the truth about hydrogen cars, now to begin once you have to realize it there’s two types of hydrogen cars, there are cars that burn hydrogen in an engine to propel the car along and there are fuel cell cars, that use the hydrogen in […]

Inside Byton’s electric car with a 48-inch screen

– Hey everyone, this is Sean O’Kane from The Verge, and I’m about to drive the Byton M-Byte electric SUV. Let’s go for a ride. (door closing) (upbeat music) Now in case you don’t know who Byton is, they’re one of the many EV startups around the world, that are trying to bring an electric […]

Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?

I’ve been driving electric cars for a while, starting back in 2007 when I built my own out of an Eagle Talon I bought from a Junk Yard. And I got a little bit of local fame for doing so. At least one man has found a way to save some cash and help the […]