Elon Selfishly Takes First Solar Roof For Himself!

– Hey what’s up everyone, thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics Live, I’m your host Ben Sullins, and what we do here is we take a look at the previous week’s news related to Tesla, or other things similar to them, like the solar industry or the EV industry as a whole, and […]

Why Norway is full of Teslas

There are Teslas everywhere in this city. Up until today I’d seen a total of about five Teslas my entire life. And three of those five were behind glass cases in luxury malls. I’ve been in Oslo for like a couple of hours and I’ve seen like 50 Teslas. There’s one right there. They’re beautiful, […]

New Tesla battery? Jeff Dahn and 1 million miles

At the beginning of September, the distinguished battery researcher Jeff Dahn, who runs a lab at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, released a report about a new battery formulation that could power an electric vehicle for 1.6 million kilometers (or 1 million miles). And since Jeff Dahn and his team are Tesla research partners, the […]

Did Nikola Tesla Invent Free Energy?

Serbian-born engineer Nikola Tesla was a technological genius and a radical inventor. His work on an alternating current power system, the fluorescent light bulb, remote control, and many other mass-market inventions, revolutionized the twentieth century. But Tesla’s biggest project – his dream of providing energy to the world for free – collapsed when his financial […]

Can We Power the World With a Single Energy Grid?

If you look at a map of the US power grid, it looks like a spider web blanketing the entire country. It’s a patchwork that formed after communities that got their power locally were slowly stitched together to create a massive network. So could we scale that up even bigger? Could we connect the entire […]

Tesla Solar Roof pricing, Musk’s message to Trump, Supercharger limit | Tesla News

Tesla had announced the pricing for the first two available styles of its Solar Roof which was surprisingly lower than predicted. The Solar roof will come with a warranty for the lifetime of your house and will be sold alongside the Power Wall at Tesla showrooms. Elon Musk along with dozens of other executives had […]

DIY Tesla Powerwall – Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery

– [Josh] Hey everyone, welcome back, welcome back. Well, I have some great news today, guys, great news finally. After waiting three months (laughs), I finally got my first shipment of Tesla batteries, real Tesla batteries, okay? So, a lot of you guys are building, like, DIY 18,650 battery banks or packs or whatever, that’s […]

TESLA NEWS: Faraday Future FF91, Gigafactory is full power, 2016 deliveries, TSLA stock!

Tesla reported that it had delivered about 4,000 cars less than its goal for 2016. The company said that about 3,000 extra cars were produced and some even paid for but were not counted in year’s totals because of delivery hold ups. Tesla’s Gigafactory is now up to its full speed producing Powerwall 2 and […]

Green Energy News Volt Price Cut, Fukushima, Fracking, Amazon Oil Drilling.

this is green energy news I’m your host mr. and azhar we’re covering electric cars renewable energy peak oil and everything in between the fourth model year Chevy Volt is now out and his five thousand dollars cheaper you can get one delivered for less than 35,000 or after the EV tax credit less than […]

What’s REALLY Happening with Puerto Rico Power

(melancholic music) – Welcome to beautiful Puerto Rico. You probably saw our video yesterday. I spent the day looking around at some of the very, very nice neighborhoods. But today, we’re spending the day driving around looking at the devastation that Hurricane Maria did seven months ago. Right here behind me is a ginormous wind […]