Is a Tesla Model Y Worth $60K?

Najlepsze Elektryczne SUVY / Crossovery TOP 6

Manufacturer offers 2 copies of the Battery: 71 kWh and 313 hp power And the second with the following parameters: Battery capacity: 95kWh Range: 370km Charging time : Quick socket 1.2h, Standard socket 9h Power: 408 hp The price starts from 350 000 PLN Range: 370km Battery capacity: 74kWh Power: 286 hp Price: 250-300 thousand […]

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My New Tesla Model 3 Performance!

– What’s up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and say hello to Precious. (upbeat electronic music) So this is my brand new Tesla Model 3 Performance. Now in this video, I’m going to be showing you around, showing you the options that I went for, why I went with this instead of the Standard […]

【加速對決】5.0升V8休旅車vs.性能化電動車 0-100km/h實測結果誰輸贏?(中文字幕) | U-CAR 捉對集評 Electric Vehicle vs Combustion Engine

Tesla Super Batteries: Millions of Miles – Fast Charge – Light Weight

If you’ve got a 250 mile range pack you need four thousand cycles. It’s very achievable. We already do that with a stationary storage solutions like PowerPack. We already deploy PowerPack with 4000 cycle life capability. Hey this is Warren Redlich. Let’s talk about Tesla’s upcoming super battery! Ultra super crazy awesome battery – Coming […]

Volkswagen Just Changed the Game

rev up your engines VW is coming out with an electric sports car and it could have a secret weapon against the tesla sports car no the little swaggins are all gonna be platform cars is gonna be based on a certain platform then they put bodies on top of them now this basic chassis […]

PEUGEOT E208 auto dell’anno ! L’elettrica per i giovani ! SPETTACOLO ? [video girato il 28/02]

Today we are going to see Peugot e208 Guys, leave a like, subscribe to the channel leave a comment and why not check out our Telegram Channel well guys, we have for one day this peugot e208, it’s a 50kWh also today we are with Andrea, he let me try all of these new cars! […]

Model Y Battery Supply 💥 Tesla Battery Investor Day Series

Welcome back everyone I’m Jordan Giesige and this is The Limiting Factor. This is the third video in my battery investor day series. This was originally meant to be one video. However after 40 hours of research and script writing I found this really has two parts to it. One – how will Tesla supply […]