UNC Asheville First-Year Showcase and Celebration

♪ [opening music] ♪ ♪ ♪ [audience chatter]>>Leslee Johnson: Okay, welcome! Is that good? Can everybody hear me? Am I close enough? Okay, um — It’s good to see everybody here to celebrate the work and creativity that happens in LANG 120 and LA 178. We have a total of 18 presentations and 18 showcase […]

How Coronavirus Quarantines Lead To A Drop In Air Pollution

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, it’s forcing people to stay put and wreaking havoc on the economy. Employees are either out of a job or working from home. Factories are shuttering, and with mandates to stay inside becoming the new norm, people aren’t driving or flying. Given this Stanford Earth Systems Professor Marshall […]

The Consequences of Technological Deflation (w/ Jeff Booth)

MAX WIETHE: Do you think the social consequences of that printing could come to fruition and slow down this deflationary cycle because of the social problems that will come to roost first? JEFF BOOTH: If you look at the newspapers today, if you look at most of what is in the news today, it’s the […]

NASA’s Gold Box Will Make Oxygen on Mars

The Martian atmosphere is ninety five percent carbon dioxide, about a few percent nitrogen, a few percent argon, trace amounts of everything else. But there’s still a lot of CO2, and so that’s probably the most abundant resource on Mars other than dirt. CO2 has oxygen bound in it. And if we can liberate that […]

23Zero Dakota 1600 Rooftop Tent with LST

– This is the Dakota 1600 rooftop tent from 23Zero, a roomy tent for two for outback adventures and I’m gonna take you for a walk-through it. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Ben from Snowys here, folks, down at the Adelaide Showgrounds at a caravan and camping show on the 23Zero stand, showing you […]

The amazing, buzzer-beating end to the 2016 NCAA Tournament needs a deep rewind | Villanova vs. UNC

– [Narrator] It’s April 4th, 2016. We’re in Houston, Texas, in the final seconds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament between North Carolina and Villanova. The Wildcats are hustling up the floor for one last chance to break a tie. Before this final play, we have to talk about what came first. The recent history […]

Graphene: Energy

We’re working on experiments that we hadn’t even thought of 10 years ago, even 5 years ago Graphene throws up all sorts of new challenges for completely new types of science to do. It’s hard to think of another type of material in which you would have those sorts of challenges thrown up on a […]

Zero SR/S 14.4 2020 Electric Motorcycle Test Ride

I’m a lucky chap again this morning! While my Zero DSR’s in for a 16,000 mile service, I’ve been given this to ride. Oh, yes. The new Zero SR/S. This is built on the SR/F basics with lower footpegs; extended back seat; bars are slightly shifted; obviously, it’s faired. That’s the noticable difference. And yes, […]

Does Gut Bacteria Really Produce Electricity?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. I read a great study. Something that really excites me. It’s about bacteria they’ve discovered now can actually produce electricity. So this was a research conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, I think that’s in California. And a molecular, a biology professor actually stumbled across […]