What If There Was No Gravity for 1 Minute

Remember that unsatisfactory feeling as a kid when you’d try to jump in the air as high as possible, and something brings you back to the ground? Well, that “something” is your Mother. No wait, it’s everybody’s mother, which is Gravity. Like your mother, it’s always there, it never changes, and you can’t break it’s […]

What If Just One Planet Disappeared from the Solar System

Whazzup? My name’s Zid, and I’m from a planet in a place you call the Andromeda Galaxy. I’m in high school, and I have this assignment to find out what will happen to your solar system’s “perfect harmony” if it loses a planet! So, I poof one of yours away with this ray blaster and […]

Why There Is Light on Earth But Not in Space

If you’re not a morning person, then you’d probably love living on the moon or out in space! The whole “lack of oxygen” thing aside, a ‘round-the-clock night sky sounds pretty tempting! But that got me wondering… – Why is there so much light on Earth, but almost none once you leave our planet? You […]

What’s the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse?

you forget the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse – one looks like this and the sunny day suddenly becomes dark and the other is a full moon that gets darker and darker a lunar eclipse is when the moon is blocking the light from the Sun wait a minute No I changed my […]

Will We Return To The Moon? | Unveiled

Will We Ever Go Back to the Moon? Our constant companion, the moon has been around since long before we arrived on the scene, and will remain after we’re gone. Even so, very few people have had the privilege of exploring the lunar surface. But maybe this will change one day, and something so rare […]