What If Just One Planet Disappeared from the Solar System

Whazzup? My name’s Zid, and I’m from a planet in a place you call the Andromeda Galaxy. I’m in high school, and I have this assignment to find out what will happen to your solar system’s “perfect harmony” if it loses a planet! So, I poof one of yours away with this ray blaster and […]

Why There Is Light on Earth But Not in Space

If you’re not a morning person, then you’d probably love living on the moon or out in space! The whole “lack of oxygen” thing aside, a ‘round-the-clock night sky sounds pretty tempting! But that got me wondering… – Why is there so much light on Earth, but almost none once you leave our planet? You […]

Finding The Holy Grail of Energy

When we talk about nuclear energy we usually think about fission or splitting the atom. But there is another type, one that turned out to be much more elusive. I give the command! Fusion! It may seem like magic. One kilogram of fusion fuel would generate as much power as 10 million kilograms of coal. […]

Can We Launch Nuclear Waste Into the Sun? Why This is a Terrible Idea

When I look at the Sun, I don’t see a warm life-giving orb, nourishing all living creatures here on Earth. No, I see that fiery ball as a cosmic garbage compactor. A place I can dump all my household garbage, to make room for new impulse purchases. I mean, the Sun is right there, not […]

The Parker Solar Probe Launch – Complete NASA Coverage

I’m Nikki Fox project scientist for Parker Solar Probe and this is solar 60 I’m here at aster Tech Space Operations cleanroom and with me is Mark Ovalle the observatory scientist for Parker Solar Probe Marko can you tell us why are we sending this mission to journey so close to the Sun well Nicky […]

The Strangest Star Ever Observed from Earth

The state of our knowledge about the Universe is in a strange place now. We can map countless stars around us, but we seem to be just stumbling upon every discovery. Some of them are so puzzling, even skeptical scientists start to suspect aliens! The brightest example is the Tabby Star, who’s light dims as […]

How Solar Storms Affect Life on Earth

Did you know that there are terminator events in the life of our sun that can spawn a solar tsunami – colossal and super-fast waves of pure burning plasma making the magnetic poles of the sun go bonkers and literally flip? Sounds scary! So scary in fact, I couldn’t resist learning more about it so […]

Sun Will Bake Us Sooner Than You Think

How do you imagine the end of all things? I mean, the literal end of the world? It might not be the brightest of topics, but admit it, you’ve thought about it in your spare time. It’s just one of those things that randomly come to your mind. And I’ve got something here for ya! […]

What If The Sun Was 2x Bigger? | Unveiled

What if The Sun Was 2x Bigger? Despite being situated on average 93 million miles from Earth, the Sun plays a crucial role in sustaining life on our planet. If it were to shrink, grow or change in any significant way, then we would definitely experience drastic changes in our lives. This is Unveiled, and […]