Петиція про заборону імпорту російської електроенергії з’явилася на сайті Президента

To ban importation of Russian electric energy Respective petition has appeared on the President’s website. In the last four years, Ukraine has not bought a single Kremlin’s kilowatt. It has been banned to buy it under bilateral contracts. Vira Sverdlyk was trying to find out what has changed and most importantly who changed the status […]

Ideas Sunday – School of One; Boomerang Champ; Michelangelo Exhibition

(upbeat music) – [Rick] Welcome to Ideas Sunday. It’s October 13, 2019. (tense music) A slave’s eye view of escape from the antebellum South is on display here, but for realism you’ll be seeing the road to freedom the way those travelers saw it. – You can really sense that kind of fear of the […]

Turning Animal Waste in Energy in Viet Nam

Its mid-morning in Sóc Sơn District, an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. A team of technicians is setting up a new system for a family to cook their food and heat water. It uses a special fuel made from animal waste known as biogas. This is just one of tens of thousands of biogas units […]

The Parker Solar Probe Launch – Complete NASA Coverage

I’m Nikki Fox project scientist for Parker Solar Probe and this is solar 60 I’m here at aster Tech Space Operations cleanroom and with me is Mark Ovalle the observatory scientist for Parker Solar Probe Marko can you tell us why are we sending this mission to journey so close to the Sun well Nicky […]


Hello everyone, I am a brain hole. The story I want to share with you today is Nuclear weapons are a modern weapon that we are familiar with. The only time humans use nuclear weapons It is the atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. For its power, many scientists who […]

Ev Cochrane: Venus, Mars and Catastrophism – The Reconstruction | Space News

welcome to space news from the electric universe brought to you by the thunderbolts project at under bolts dot info in his recent space news interviews comparative mythologist EV cochran introduced his extraordinary decades-long research into ancient testimony of catastrophic celestial events witnessed on earth as cochrane explained in countless ancient cultures the identities of […]

I Converted an Old Van into a Cozy Home on Wheels! (Campervan Conversion & Tour)

– Hey there, guys. My name is Jordan, and this is my home. (soft electronic music) She’s a 1986 Toyota HiAce with a pop top roof, and as of two and a half weeks ago, it is now my full time home and office on wheels. So, in this video, I wanted to show you […]


My name is Annemiek, I am 22 years old and I am from the Noordoostpolder. I am responsible for the aerodynamics and I am a racer. Why am I participating in the World Solar Challenge? I think it is an awesome project and I have thought so for a long time. It has been a […]

Court to rule on fate of public debate committee on nuclear energy

A local court is set to determine the fate of a public debate commission, that was launched by the Moon Jae-in administration,… to decide on whether or not to permanently halt the construction of two nuclear reactors in the southeastern city of Ulsan. Scholars and union members of the country’s nuclear governing body had filed […]

Nuclear power plant working model for science expo

Nuclear power plant The lights in streetlights are glowing The turbine is rotating Steam is produced by cooker it is real there is no battery used thank you