How Coal Thermal Power Stations Work (Part 3)

How Coal Fired Thermal Power Stations Work

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

I’m going to talk today about energy and climate. And that might seem a bit surprising, because my full-time work at the foundation is mostly about vaccines and seeds, about the things that we need to invent and deliver to help the poorest two billion live better lives. But energy and climate are extremely important […]

Aquaponics System Grows Food on Boat Using Rainwater & Solar Power

All right, this is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you and I love it when I’m on a field trip. And today I’m on a field trip actually… I just got out of the big apple, the NYC, New York City from Grand Central Station. Came out on a […]

2 – Insert solar panels (Skelion tutorial)

Insert panels The `Insert components´ button opens 3 dialogs depending on the selected objects Let’s start selecting an edge and a face. The edge can be a border or any other edge in the same plane. There are 2 conventions for the azimuth: 180º or 360º. Let’s begin with the following values. We choose a […]

The Winter Greenhouse, grow in -40’C (2018)

Imagine taking the heat from the sun in the summer, storing it, and then using it to heat a greenhouse in the winter! Heating a greenhouse costs so much in Canada in the winter that it’s cheaper to truck food in from 1000’s of miles away. Trucked in food is chemically ripened and tastes horrible. […]

4 – Insert solar panels in non planar surface. Part 1 (Skelion tutorial)

In SketchUp a mesh is a surface with several faces. Clicking 3 times we can see all the faces. Also with the`view´> `hidden geometry´ menu item Edges have soft and smooth properties. If we uncheck the box, the edge turns to a normal edge. Now we have a mesh and a face. An other way […]

ANU scientists set solar thermal record

Solar thermal has a role to play in the grid as we gradually move towards a system where the fossil fuels are having a smaller and smaller role. So, our dish is 500 square metres. It focuses energy into a very small focal point. At the peak of that focal point we have 14,000 suns […]

Lecture – 15 Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

… about the conventional power generation sources. Most of that stems from the fossil fuels essentially solar energy concentrated and stood over millions of years. Now, it is available to mankind, but as we have already seen that that would be exhausted in a very short span of time. For example, 80% of the petroleum […]