Delhi Police Does Nothing as Goons Riot in JNU

People all over the country are not at all happy with the Delhi Police. This is because as you all remember on Sunday 5th January 2020 in Delhi, masked men & women entered the JNU campus and started hitting students and teachers with Lathis and stones. Hostel rooms, computer departments, etc. were badly vandalised by […]

If the electricity goes out tonight due to the storm, we are in real trouble.

If the electricity goes out tonight due to the storm, we are in real trouble. Her reaction to seeing my face after our nap Good boi gets pampered Girl visits a shelter and she got adopted. goodnight kiss A kitten’s love Must catch the snowflakes before they hit the ground Got it! I made dis […]

Premiere Solar Service | SunPro Solar Testimonial

Hello my name is Don I live out here in Wildomar, California where we get a lot of sunshine. I purchased a Sunpro Solar system in 2012 and it’s been a life saver since I’ve had it. I’ve saved so much money on my electrical bill and my credit with Edison is unbelievable. Well I […]

Kashmir Wants Electricity – At What Cost? | Rafiqa reports

In 2013 congress led government in India had announced that…. if any agricultural land is used under any project the compensation will be 4 times more than actual market cost Why are they providing us less compensation? If any one’s 4 to 10 Marlas land is used under this project they are provided compensation for […]

Introduction | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 (Walter Lewin)

LEWIN: Well, 8.02 is, of course, largely about electricity and magnetism. And at the heart of electricity and magnetism are the four, the famous four, equations. We call them the Maxwell’s equations. It’s quite a difficult course for students. And I go out of my way to also introduce many phenomena that they see around […]

Energy 101: Where Electricity Comes From

Where do we get the fuel we burn that powers our electric grid? Millions of years ago plants absorb the sun’s energy. When they died they were eventually buried under the surface. Under the Earth’s immense heat and pressure over millions of years, the stored solar energy intensified resulting in a set of energy dense […]

Why 50Hz in India | Why 60Hz in USA | Historical FACTS of electricity

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss: Why in India we use 50 Hz for Electrical power while in US, they are using 60 Hz, but we use 50 Hz. Now one would answer normally because British was using 50 Hz that’s why we also used same standard that is 50 Hz. Now question […]

Angel 108 Films – Warmhearted

and your mind can’t go in the way your mind has to be still that’s the hardest thing and that’s what’s happened in the New Age movement it started in the 70s when people started tuning into all this stuff and a lot of them went out and they satin satin satin satin did this […]

How Bacteria That Make Electricity Could Help Us Colonize Mars

how much would you pack for a trip to Mars astronauts will need a lot of stuff to survive the long journey there and back but with current technology it would take way too much space scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley are on the case they’re studying special bacteria called exoelectrogens […]

SpaceX vs Blue Origin – Which Philosophy is better?

(exciting music) – SpaceX is the most well known name in the private spaceflight industry and needs little introduction. It was founded by dotcom billionaire Elon Musk in 2002, with the goal of making humanity multi-planetary. They have repeatedly made ambitious development claims and stunned the world by delivering upon it. Two years before that, […]