The Problem With Renewable Energy (and how we’re fixing it)

For a few hours in May 2016, for the first time in more than a century, Britain was burning zero coal to generate electricity. None at all. All the coal-fired power plants were turned off. And this here is one of the reasons why. Welcome to the Griffin Wind Farm in Scotland. 68 turbines, more […]

Power, Politics and Pragmatism: The British National Grid

Here, below London, 32km of new tunnels are nearly finished. But these aren’t for people: they’re for power. Cables carrying 400,000 volts will run through here, supporting the city as it keeps growing and keeps demanding more and more electricity. This project cost a billion pounds, all to keep the lights on. So how did […]

The Solar Power Towers of Southern Spain

These are the solar power towers of southern Spain. This is one of the sunniest parts of Europe, and these were two of the first solar towers ever built. Almost 2,000 heliostats, movable mirrors, constantly reflect the sun onto the towers, heating up water into steam, and powering a turbine to generate electricity. And if […]