BINAURAL BEATS MEDITATION MUSIC Chakra Balance (Ancient Solfeggio Brainwave Meditation) YOGA REIKI

Meditate and listen to BINAURAL BEATS MEDITATION MUSIC. Helps Chakra Balance (Use of Ancient Solfeggio Brainwave Meditation) POWERFULL TECHNIQUE for Yoga, Reiki, Zen… Contains: Lambda Wave & Epsilon Wave.Benefits: Balancing of the Chakras. Chakra refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. here are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base […]

Symbols of Power 4: The Immortal Coil, Fire From the Gods, Esoteric Anatomy

a time of great revealing, a great uncovering, a lifting of the veil, literally. And this is where we begin Lifting the Veil. Just a reminder guys that this channel is funded entirely by my own audience. And some of the graphic visuals that I’ve been doing have been about three years in the making. […]


Peace beautiful beings. Welcome back to another video. Today we are going to be talking about chakras, which is just like the manifestation video. A very highly requested topic for me to talk about. Today’s video will just be an introduction to chakras because there is a lot to learn about the seven energy centers […]