How pingla nadi is beneficial in stock market || invest without technical analysis || swar vigyan_02

Favorable swar, correct deal and more profit For financial and spiritual upliftment of common people, Tattwavetta Sri Paramhamsa Ji has brought modern application of ancient sciences… I worship the The lord Shiva who is god of righteousness, opulence, fulfillment of desires and a guide for salvation, the master of the infinite knowledge, the father of […]

Balkonumuzda 8binTL maliyetle solar sistem kurduk | Solar Sistemler

hi everbody , we will show up our solar system at balcony we will produce electricity introduce aour solar system at this video specialy all connection detail and equipment connection ı will share all this specification lets start first our system will work as 24v system that why we ll connect batery serial caple we […]

15 January Daily Horoscope (ALL SIGNS): Electricity | Space Witch Daily

hey kittens, it’s Fairlie– I’m back with your Space Witch Daily Forecast for Wednesday January 15th today we have Venus sextile Uranus new and different can sometimes be scary especially when it relates to our relationships but in this case it’s actually a pretty fun place to be Venus just moved into fairytale loving Pisces […]

1. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Resistance of a Conductor with Varying Cross-Section

here in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the resistance of a conductor with varying cross section. here you can see the figure shows a conductor of length l. and having a cross section which is varying. and, the radius of cross section varies linearly from, radius ay to b. and the resistivity of material given […]

Sunpower IBC cell: unique features

Hello folks. In these couple of videos I want to present to you this fascinating story of SunPower and their cell. And this cell is one of the most efficient crystalline silicon-based solar cells that you can buy. And you can, you know, it’s not just a laboratory cell, you can buy these panels from […]

This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

A NEW CLIMATE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN MADE “A Landmark moment in Paris” “The governments of the world have a plan to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions after two decades of trying.” “This agreement should be the turning point in our story” BUT IT WON’T SAVE US “Even if all the initial targets set in […]

Electricity from living plants. Dr. Marjolein Helder, Plant-e, Web Summit

So this is our newest product. We produce electricity with living plants What we do here is we actually generate electricity with the plants that grow here, and we gather technology in the box. And then we can light the LEDs that are on top of this box so if I push this button then […]

Need for multijunction solar cells and efficieny improvement

So in one of our previous videos we talked about Shockley Queisser limit for single junctions based for decent. And this kind of sets a ceiling on what is the maximum efficiency I can get out of my solar set. And this maximum efficiency turns out to be in the range of 33 to 34% […]

Atomic Physics

– [Narrator] In the year 1826, Sir Humphry Davy, as president of the Royal Society, presented Mr. John Dalton with a Royal Medal upon his development of the theory of definite proportions, usually called the atomic theory of chemistry. This presentation set an official seal upon the emergence as a scientific theory of an idea […]

Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

morning everybody feeling a lot better every single day now it’s getting better and better although it is gonna take at least another week to fully get over my bronchitis again I’m still not contagious or anything but I want to I want to film some stuff for YouTube because it’s been it’s been a […]