Making a Solar Cell From Toothpaste!

Hello everyone in this video I’m going to show you how I made a solar cell from very basic materials such as toothpaste sweet cherry juice and tincture Dye sensitized solar cell is a new type of flexible solar cells Its inventor Michael Gray stirrer was awarded melindam technology prize for his invention The first […]


Hello Everyone, today I would like to tell you about a such an usual metal as Boron In the periodic table, Boron is located on the very top of the group 3. right above Aluminium The history of using Boron dates ? from ancient China Where people used initially a (colored?) compound Borax which is […]

Zirconium – A Metal for the NUCLEAR REACTOR!

Hello Everyone today I will tell you about such metal as zirconium. Zirconium is a transition metal, which is located in the 4th group in the periodic table of chemical elements. Externally zirconium looks very similar to titanium but what makes it different to it is zirconium’s slightly different properties. The density of zirconium is […]

Cesium – The most ACTIVE metal on EARTH!

【Warning】 Hello everyone. Today I will tell you about the most active and unusual metal on earth: Cesium. Cesium is an active alkaline metal, which is located near the bottom of the periodic table of chemical elements only Francium(Fr) can be more active than Cesium(Cs). but that metal is radioactive and an un insignificant amount […]