Nuclear Energy Programme of India (Hindi with English Subtitles)

Finally May I mention, that the energy content of even the known reserves of uranium and thorium that we have amounts to more than 15 times the reserves in coal and oil that we possess today To tackle the challenge of global warming almost all countries are moving towards new energy sources Of these, solar […]

The Future of Nuclear Energy: Thorium or Uranium?

What is the future of energy? Like anything associated with the human experience, energy has a vibrantly colorful past, one that is virtually guaranteed to catalyze a new, and perhaps contentious way forward. Wood, a renewable biomass, was the first ever source of energy and continued to remain the preeminent basis of productivity in the […]

Can We Spread Nuclear Power Without Another Chernobyl?

On the 26th of April, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant burst open, releasing a massive amount of radiation which rendered a 1000-square-mile area completely uninhabitable. Then, a couple weeks ago, there was an explosion at an oil refinery in Philadelphia, just a couple miles from my house. My dad actually heard the explosion, and […]

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome! 3/3

Three reasons why we should continue using nuclear energy. One: nuclear energy saves lives. In 2013, a study conducted by NASA found that nuclear energy has prevented around 1.8 million deaths. Even if you include the death tolls from Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear energy ranks last in death per energy unit produced. While nuclear waste […]