Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home

We all know with tiny house design that people can get really creative, but I’ve never seen a tiny house quite like the one that I’m going to show you in today’s video. Zach and Crystal bought, an old army truck and using a lot of ingenuity and a little bit of Zach’s engineering skills, […]

Tiny Home Show Florida 2019 | LivinRVision! (EP 60)

steak burger is nine. Sir Richard Vanson. a lot of people around the country. I have a full-time salary job. 🎶I’ve always done 🎶Sweet, then we can be friends! We’ve beennhaving fun living our lives! all the windows. Because there’s no room for me to sit up front. Once those batteries are at full capacity […]

10 Incredible Prefab Modular Homes From Archiblox Architects

– [Glen] Prefabricated homes, known more commonly as prefabs, are homes that are created off-site and then put together on-site. They have always been popular, as they typically offer a cheaper, faster and more sustainable way of constructing homes. High-end architects like Archiblox are breaking the norm for what a prefab should be by designing […]

10 Incredible Houseboats and Floating Homes | Living the Water Life in 2020

Subscribers to our video channel are probably familiar with the concept of tiny homes. Well, these little cabin designers are taking that concept, and adding unique features, letting the homes float on water and maneuver the waves. Welcome aboard our houseboat and floating homes list. I’m Glenn and let’s dive in. Number Ten This quaint […]

10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes and Vacation Cabins

The minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. From the United States to Denmark, here are some tiny abodes you’ll want to see! I’m Glen, and I’ll be your tour guide as we explore 10 unusual but amazing small homes and cabins! Number ten. A distinct sloped roof design makes the FlexSe standout, as well as […]

Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

Hey guys, Jenna here. Maybe you’ve never thought you wanted to live in a van, but I think after this week’s video you might just change your mind. Today I’m going to share the story of West and Savannah and their awesome van, which is totally decked out with a bunch of green energy and […]

Building an Off-the-Grid Solar Cabin

This project began as an idea proposed by my then 21 year old son who over dinner one winter night said You know dad we should build a small cabin on the lake this summer It’d be a great place for guests to stay during hunting season, so they don’t have to sleep in the […]

10 Solar Powered Homes for a More Sustainable Future

– [Reacher] Hey, everyone. The seasons are changing, and nothing says free energy like the sun. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 10 solar homes that are the future of architecture. (zapping sounds) Number 10. Anyone with access to a news feed can attest to the constant drought issues plaguing California. […]

School Bus Conversion Feels like a Cozy Cabin

Hi guys, my name’s Laura and I’m Ian and this is our bus. We were travelling in a 1985 Honda Civic wagon. I did a lot of camping when I was younger and I always enjoyed camping so it was fun to kind of get back to that. I like to go around see new […]

Installing Solar on a Tiny Home

Hello everybody, my name is Jeremy Allen with Wholesale Solar. We’re here today to install an off-grid system on a tiny home. Tiny homes are perfect candidates for off-grid battery-based systems, as their energy requirements are not as high as a normal home that we all are used to. We’re here with our friends, Tammy […]