Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home

We all know with tiny house design that people can get really creative, but I’ve never seen a tiny house quite like the one that I’m going to show you in today’s video. Zach and Crystal bought, an old army truck and using a lot of ingenuity and a little bit of Zach’s engineering skills, […]

Tiny House Solar System for High Power Use

Hey guys, we’re here at the tiny tack house near Seattle, Washington. I’m here with Chris tack and we have a full video tour of this tiny house already, so make sure to check that out. But right now we’re going to talk about the solar system. All right, we figured it would make sense […]

This School Bus Conversion is their Affordable Tiny Home

Last weekend. I went to the first official bus fair down in Oregon where I met a ton of amazing people and so many incredible schoolies and this week’s video I’m featuring one couple, they’re adorable schooly and the story of how bus life has changed their lives. I’m Tyler, I’m Lexi and our bus […]

Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

Hey guys, Jenna here. Maybe you’ve never thought you wanted to live in a van, but I think after this week’s video you might just change your mind. Today I’m going to share the story of West and Savannah and their awesome van, which is totally decked out with a bunch of green energy and […]

They Live in a Skoolie w/ 5 Pets? Amazing Off-Grid Bus Home

Hi guys. Jenna here, and this is my dog Selise and I had to bribe her to do this video. So I adopted Selise when she was a puppy and I was building this tiny house. So she really hasn’t known much else besides living in a small space and she gets excited every time […]