Fast Sailing Overnight to Key West | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 50

(gentle music) – [Lauren] Last time on Sailing Soulianis. Are you ready to go to Key West? – I’m so ready. – We’re going for a good, long sail. Probably an 18 hour sail. This will be the first time we put up the sails in three weeks and we were just sailing down the […]

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

Designing and building a tiny house on wheels as a couple can be a real challenge There’s a lot of cooperation and compromise that goes into creating a space that can work Well for both parties today we’ve traveled to the Blue Mountains to visit a tiny house built by a couple who thanks to […]

Whimsical Forest Village Built from Raw and Reclaimed Materials

I’m going to come right right at you there so watch out. I’m Sun Ray Kelly. I consider myself an artist because I do do carpentry in my work but it’s more about the art and the beauty that I’m trying to convey. So right now we’re at the side of the temple. This is […]

TEENAGER Builds OFF-GRID TINY HOUSE (80% Recycled Material)

When I was in my teens I really liked being outside a lot and I spent a lot of time in my summers like sleeping in a tent in the backyard and I really liked just being as close to the outdoors as I could. So in my late teens I decided to build a […]

Absolutely Stunning Couple’s 39ft Luxury Tiny House with Solar

Absolutely Stunning Couple’s 39ft Luxury Tiny House with Solar – Meet Brooke and Wilhelm, two freelancers who decided to go tiny after changing their careers in 2017.

School Bus Conversion Feels like a Cozy Cabin

Hi guys, my name’s Laura and I’m Ian and this is our bus. We were travelling in a 1985 Honda Civic wagon. I did a lot of camping when I was younger and I always enjoyed camping so it was fun to kind of get back to that. I like to go around see new […]


Hi, my name is Vilson, and welcome to Olive Garden Paljka. A matrix project of self-sustained house, living, and tourism. All the modern things with traditional elements. When I was 20, 20 and something, I saw the one stone housing in the newspapers and I cut it and I put it in my wallet and […]