Eating Alligator, Whimsyland, & Fort De Soto Florida

well good morning everybody I’m feeling a little better still getting over my coffee er so there may be some coughs throughout this video but not contagious and we’re starting our day here apparently with something quark you were in Safety Harbor just outside of of Clearwater here in Florida and I don’t know what […]

The Greatest Disney Attraction Ever ~ Bravo, Disney, Bravo

that’s right everybody good morning it was a butt crack at dawn the Sun has not even come up here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios getting ready to go inside because the new ride is open but you have to be inside the park and get a boarding pass for these new Star Wars ride that’s […]

Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

morning everybody feeling a lot better every single day now it’s getting better and better although it is gonna take at least another week to fully get over my bronchitis again I’m still not contagious or anything but I want to I want to film some stuff for YouTube because it’s been it’s been a […]

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 2 ~ The Flu & Results…

good morning everybody it is officially weigh in Wednesday week to exactly seven days into this body for life low-carb diet mixed with exercise and interestingly enough I am having a really bad day I have a fever again I had a fever yesterday of 100.4 which subsided when I went to sleep and then […]

Springfield Land ~ Universal Studios ~ Harry Potter ~ Butterbeer

ladies and gentlemen I have been given an opportunity to do something on my bucket list for a very long time see behind me finally may found my way to Universal Studios here in Orlando Florida and many of my subscribers have been telling me as I’ve been coming to Disney hey every time you […]

Park Capacity Warning ~ New Years Eve ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Avatar Flight of Passage Finally

a and a wonderful pleasant morning to you all from Orlando Florida this is my very last night here in Orlando at the resort and it’s New Years Eve so this video is out of order from my weight loss challenge video that I want to post every Wednesday but yes I have decided to […]

Called Out On YouTube ~ Let’s Talk About It…

I can’t just sit around anymore and watch all this stuff happen in the van life and RV living community so I’m calling you out nomadic fanatic well hey everybody I’m still recovering from my two days at Disney and I actually slept in till 3 p.m. today just put the ear plugs in and […]

Tiny House Reality Check! Watch This Before Building or Buying One

>>MAT: Hey everyone, we know that a lot of you might be interested in building or buying a tiny house one day. So in this video we want to give you more than just a tour or a profile of someone living in their tiny house. We’re diving a little deeper and we’re gonna give […]

Christmas Eve ~ Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom ~ 3 HOUR LINES!

here comes the monorail good morning everyone from Orlando Florida it is Christmas Eve here for me and I had the bright idea to come to Disney World in fact we’re gonna do Magic Kingdom for the first time ever for me on Christmas Eve it’s gonna be really busy first of all we got […]

Pigeon Forge ~ Dollywood ~ Smoky Mountain Christmas

ho ho ho Merry Christmas YouTube viewers from the Smoky Mountains my voice has not come back completely but here we are in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and I am looking forward to some awesome Christmas stuff okay so the bike well it’s still a little frozen it is bitterly cold here in Pigeon Forge but […]