Hell bound up the Congo River on a shanty boat

The ‘Gbemani’ and a captain are fighting against the strong current. After a week, they’ve made only three hundred and ten miles. The journey is turning into a long, tedious nightmare. But the delays create good business for Marie, an unemployed nurse,. A combination of the weather, worsening sanitary conditions are starting to make people […]

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Fasting, Atkins, & BFL

all right let’s get right into it this morning wastes no time at all the way in one 98.6 we’re under 200 first of all I am sorry that this video is a little late guys I’ve been working really hard and I’ve been hanging out with a friend and just wanted to make sure […]

Weeki Wachee Mermaids ~Tarpon Springs Sponges & Warmest Water

the best way I can think of to involve you in my exercising who needs weights with the kitty laughter kitty don’t kappa yeah well it is possible today that I may put on the most motorcycle miles ever in my life on any motorcycle it’s just the nature of getting around and trying to […]

Monkey Island, King Kong, Manatees Up Close, & Swampy Boat Ride

good morning everyone from Florida once again today we start in Crystal River which is where I’m camping stick around to the end of the video I’ll show you exactly what my digs are but first I’m out adventuring I’m on Roxy the Rebel Motorcycle exploring the coast of Florida in an area where I’ve […]

You Will Not Believe What Happened At The Vet…

well are you ready for this I got to put your harness and everything on we’re gonna we’re gonna go do something Jax man we’re gonna go do something I’m sorry I know I know I know sorry man but first a big shout-out to my video sponsor Thank You expressvpn for sponsoring this video […]

Power PLUGS and TRAVEL ADAPTERS explained | Travel Tips

In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know about power plugs and outlet styles around the world, for example, how different countries use different voltages and frequencies what to look for when you’re buying a power adapter, and why all that matters when you travel abroad. This video is brought to you by […]

Eating Alligator, Whimsyland, & Fort De Soto Florida

well good morning everybody I’m feeling a little better still getting over my coffee er so there may be some coughs throughout this video but not contagious and we’re starting our day here apparently with something quark you were in Safety Harbor just outside of of Clearwater here in Florida and I don’t know what […]

Film Producer Living & Working in a Camper Van – #VanLife Traveler

[Music Playing]>>VOICE OVER: in the past few years, road tripping in camper vans has become a really popular way to travel on a budget. Many people are also taking the trend one step further by living in their vans full-time to save money and to enjoy the special freedom and flexibility that a life on […]

Amazing Hikes near Bishop, California – #SUMMER2019 Episode 18

– [Robert] Strategically located at the crossroads between Death Valley and Yosemite, is the town of Bishop, and that’s where we’re going today. We’re about to see some the most stunning alpine landscapes that Sierra Nevada has to offer. We’ll eat at the local eateries and drink at the local breweries as we continue driving […]