Tesla Solar Roof pricing, Musk’s message to Trump, Supercharger limit | Tesla News

Tesla had announced the pricing for the first two available styles of its Solar Roof which was surprisingly lower than predicted. The Solar roof will come with a warranty for the lifetime of your house and will be sold alongside the Power Wall at Tesla showrooms. Elon Musk along with dozens of other executives had […]

TESLA NEWS: Faraday Future FF91, Gigafactory is full power, 2016 deliveries, TSLA stock!

Tesla reported that it had delivered about 4,000 cars less than its goal for 2016. The company said that about 3,000 extra cars were produced and some even paid for but were not counted in year’s totals because of delivery hold ups. Tesla’s Gigafactory is now up to its full speed producing Powerwall 2 and […]

Tesla earnings call, Model 3 on track, Tesla repair shops and service | Tesla News

Tesla earnings call had revealed a wider than expected loss in Q1, but record sales have boosted revenues to double from a year ago. Company had also assured the investors that the Model 3 production prep is on track to begin in July. Tesla SolarCity will no longer sell its products door to door. The […]

TESLA NEWS: SolarCity merger approved, battery swap dies, solar vs. dump roof, TSLA stock and more!

Big new! Finally on Thursday shareholders for SolarCity and Tesla voted to approve $2.6 billion merger between two companies. US government has finally set the rules for makers of electric and hybrid cars to require all such vehicles to produce alert sounds while moving at slow speed. This rule was designed to prevent injuries to […]

TESLA NEWS: Supercharger rates, Apple exec joins Tesla, Gigafactory solar roof, TSLA stock!

Tesla had finally announced the rates for supercharger usage. Sort of. The fee will vary on local regulations and availability at a supercharger location. Some locations will charge per kWh and some per minute of charging. Unless you own a car that has free supercharging for life, you will be given annual charging credit of […]

Tesla truck and semi, used Teslas sell faster, new gen of solar panels | Tesla News

Elon Musk had announced that Tesla is working on an electric truck and a semi. Tesla will introduce the semi truck as early as this September but the pickup truck will not follow until about 2019. A recent survey by Autolist.com had revealed that pre owned Tesla Model S vehicles sell faster and list slightly […]