How To Make a Powerful Electric Lighter at Home Using Battery

🎸 Should you buy a £60 Electric Guitar??? Glarry Stratocaster Copy for $60! 🎸

it’s a 60 pound guitar fully shipped and delivered to your door any good let’s find out Ninh explains should you buy a 60 pound guitar holy crap you’re making another guitar video yeah guys sorry is taking years to make another guitar video my youtube channel is an educational one and the sports things […]


– Honest reviews and advice. Hello and welcome to video. I’m not from the North. We’re looking at this video today, we’re gonna be changing out of this little Triton electric shower for a new type Triton electric shower What I will be taking out here is the Triton T40 Mark 4. They […]

Introduction To Electric Charge

Hey guys it’s Jade here and welcome to your introduction to electricity. This tutorial is mainly going to focus on electric charge because they are the building blocks of all of electricity whether you’re learning about lightning or light bulbs they are electricity. So we’re going to start by talking about some of the history […]

How to choose an Electric Fuel Pump!

There are virtually unlimited choices when it comes to choosing an electric fuel pump for your vehicle, but how do you know where to start? And which pump is the right one for you? Well hopefully I can give you some insight and knowledge before you make your next pump purchase. One of the first […]


Make your own Sensored ESC || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 1)

Since warm seasons are slowly approaching, it was time for me to free my bicycle from dust and oil it’s chain And, as you can see its mechanical drive system still works without a problem. But for an electronics enthusiast like me, it is kind of boring… That is why I ordered an E – […]

RocketSkates R5 – “Extreme Electric Skates” REVIEW

these are the brand-new R5 rocket skates from Acton they’re the first rocket skates that can be controlled by a wireless remote controller or even from your phone I’m Ben from authentech let’s check them out first off the design is really nice and sharp you may look like Optimus Prime rolling around awesome build […]

Improving my electric longboard with a CAN Bus! What can the CAN Bus do? EB#44

How to replace an electric water heater. The Home Mender

Hi this is Dustin Luby with Home Mender inc and you can find us on the web at Today, we are going to change out an electric water heater Pretty basic .Pretty simple so we’ll get it knocked out. First thing we’re going to do is turn off the breaker at the panel usually […]