Установка электрических столбов – фантастические цены и технологии

How to conduct electricity in Russia Such a wonderful car arrives There are new pillars on this machine This machine has a crane and drill That’s how it works With this machine, a pillar is set in a few minutes Russia has a state electrification program Therefore, the farmer pays only $ 6 for everything […]

Does a Better Tesla App Exist? Tezlab Pro Review

What Makes White People Dance (feat. John Mayer & Questlove) – Chappelle’s Show

– Hey gang. You know, all my life I’ve heard that white people can’t dance. I don’t believe that. I don’t think it’s so much that white people can’t dance, it’s just that they like certain musical instruments. That instrument, my friends, is electric guitar. It speaks directly to the soul of the white person. […]

Franke Elektrikli Ocak Tamiri (Franke Electric Cooker Repair) Altyazılı (Subtitle)

S. Korea to address pollution in agriculture with EVs, self-driving machines

a group of experts gathered in Seoul to try and deal with issues in agriculture taking into consideration environmental factors and aging society the focus was on ways to support the use of electric equipment and self-driving machines chair jong-un has the highlights rather from that session farming accounts for roughly 5 percent of South […]

Hyundai ranked 9th, Kia ranked 11th in global electric vehicle sales last year

and AG I enjoyed successful global electronic electric vehicles rather sales last year according to inside V’s global sales of the Korean auto giants ranked ninth and eleventh respectively last year together they ranked sixth in the global market outperforming Germany’s Volkswagen Tesla topped the list and China’s BYD was runner-up overall global sales of […]

Air pollution causes 40,000 premature deaths in S. Korea each year: Greenpeace

A new Greenpeace report shows air pollution from burning fossil fuels is responsible for more than 4 million premature deaths around the world each year,… incurring an annual global economic cost of nearly 3 trillion U.S. dollars. The report also warns that air pollution is especially detrimental for children in low-income countries. Kim Hyo-sun tells […]

Mikaela Astel Blooms on “Electric Love” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Electric Planes Are Here!

You’re watching ColdFusion TV Hi, Welcome to another Coldfusion video Just 10 years ago, nobody would have ever thought electric vehicles would be in mass production Yet alone change the Auto industry Today most car manufacturers are thinking about all-electric vehicles Volvo is even saying that they may ditch diesel cars altogether and switch to […]

Ultrafine dust in Seoul, Beijing associated with emissions, coal

fine dust pollution is an environmental headache for us here in Korea and a new study looked at fine dust components in soda and Beijing to find that most emissions come from cars and coal burning power plants our park se-young tells us more ammonium nitrate ammonium sulfate earth crustal material and organic matter are […]