⌚️ Relógio G-SHOCK CASIO Mudmaster GWG-1000 – Unboxing PT-BR

Welcome to my channel I came here seethe Unboxing a watch I bought in fact it will not be the first time to open I received it today, but already open to see some things inside tava anxious to receive the product I bought the watch in the United States It was very good delivery […]


hey guys I just got a new solar light by Sweet Home Light. I’m out here it’s actually threatening to rain but I’m gonna take it to look at the light in the box and get it installed and then come out later maybe either later today or tomorrow and see how bright it is […]

LED SOLAR LIGHT 💥 Richarm Flood Light (Security) Review 👈

so today we have a solar light to show you it’s a floodlight from Richarm and it has 25 super-bright LEDs now this solar light comes with remote control that’s always handy to have with these things it has 25 LEDs to provide 300 lumens and it offers a 120 degree angle this right here […]


these Smartbot solar torch lights provide gorgeous flickering light to your outdoor space they are solar powered so you don’t need to be concerned about having an electrical outlet all you have to do to assemble it and snap these pieces together and there you go it’s a very nice and long size for a […]


okay so today I have new solar lights trial they are made by Anteco and they are 25 feet and 30 LED crystal ball light the faculties are solar power is very important because I do not have enough electrical outlets to plug into one that uses AC power this has a wide solar panel […]

HF 25 Watt Solar Panel Unbox & Review

Hi everyone Dan here with dnj adventures and I want to talk a little bit about a project I’ve been working on. I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee and I want to get auxiliary power. I don’t want to give up the air intake on the front of the Jeep so looking at a way […]

LED Lamp + Pen Cup Holder UNDER $9!

– It’s a lamp, an LED light, a pencil holder. – That’s so awesome at under 10 bucks. (soft tune) – I will agree with you. The design is amazing, the price is incredible, this was one of the items that I actually saw on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. The desk lamp recreated. […]

Best Portable Air Conditioner Deals for Summer 2017!

– I have your best air conditioner deal of 2017 and a $100 dollar Amazon gift card giveaway. (soft tune) Hi, oh, it has a remote ’cause I’m waving to you with it, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granite, I find the biggest deals in the world, the hottest deals, and if you’re having […]

REOLINK ARGUS 2 Wireless Security Camera ⭐Indoor/Outdoor BATTERY OR SOLAR POWER REVIEW 👈

hello ladies and gents today we’re going to look at the new Reolink Agus 2 indoor/outdoor security camera so as you can see I got the product out of the box the unit is completely Wire free 1080p rechargeable unit we recommend with the solar panel so you don’t recharge it unit comes with the […]