What Is Light?

Light, is the connection between us and the universe. Through light, we could experience distant stars and look back at the beginning of existence itself. But, what is light? In a nutshell Light, is the smallest quantity of energy that can be transported A photon, an elementary particle without a real size That can’t be […]

How Slime Mold Is Tackling Mysteries of Cosmology | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] One of the best ways to solve problems in science can be, well, borrowing from other kinds of science—because there are often surprising connections between disciplines that seem totally unrelated. Sometimes, though, these connections can go from unrelated to like, far-fetched. Like, that can’t be a thing! Like, say, slime molds predicting the […]

Does Anything Exist Outside Of the Universe? | Unveiled

The night sky was once shrouded in total mystery. The human eye could only understand so much of what it saw, and it wasn’t until the first telescope was invented in the 1600s that the heavens became just a little bit clearer. But we do still have so much left to learn… not least about […]

Coronavirus: nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over Italy

Earth Has Captured A New Mini Moon!

One of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights we can experience here on Earth is when we look up in the night sky, and the Moon is there: full, bright and as round as they can be. But what if we come to a day when we will look at two of these? Is this […]

Cancer Mid-February-March 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi cancer its Sloane Rhodes here with your spiritual guidance for mid-february flowing gently into early March a quick peek quick bit of guidance here answer assignment and rising just remind you that if you haven’t seen them I did release the life purpose career & money readings for each sign and every Sunday I […]

Meet the ESA experts – Resources on the Moon

It’s common knowledge that the Moon is a cratered ball of rock. Stunning as it is in the night sky or in photographs taken from orbit the landscape is barren, grey, dusty and dark. Are there other things to be found than meets the eye? I’m Alana Bartolini from ESA Education and joining me today […]

Hubble Spotted New Evidence That Dark Matter Is “Cold”

Cosmologists know that dark matter must exist. If it didn’t, the rate galaxies spin would tear them apart— so there must be something unaccounted for generating the gravity that’s holding them together. Something that doesn’t interact with regular matter in any other way that we’ve detected yet. What exactly that something is, is anyone’s guess—and […]

This Is the Biggest Neutron Star Collision We’ve Ever Detected

Gravitational waves resulting from crashing neutron stars have rocked our universe once again. And while you may not have felt it, LIGO sure did. And these gravitational waves are the ripples from a collision of the most massive neutron star pair we have ever witnessed. As you may know, this isn’t LIGO’s first rodeo with […]

Solar Orbiter Will Take Mankind’s First Images of the Sun’s Poles | Countdown to Launch

For the last year, Parker Solar Probe has broken records in speed, collected unprecedented data, and achieved the closest approaches to the sun ever. But none of these insights were detailed images of the sun directly, I mean, if we’re heading to the only star in our planetary system, we want to see it, up […]