Solar Paint | RMIT University

Imagine the walls of your home could generate clean energy. RMIT University researchers have developed solar paint The paint contains a compound that absorbs moisture but also acts as a semi-conductor and splits water atoms in to Hydrogen & Oxygen. As long as there is moisture in the air, a painted wall can produce Hydrogen […]

Super High Tech Off-Grid Tiny House for Sustainable Living | Net Zero Energy Home

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re gonna give you a full tour of a super innovative Net Zero tiny house that’s 100% solar-powered. It has a full roof made of integrated solar panels, an atmospheric water generator prototype. It’s insulated with vacuum insulated panels. It has a home automated system, a sliding loft, and […]

Solar-powered device to remove salt from water has been developed in Bath

Hi my name is Budi, I am a PhD student in the chemistry department in my final year. At the moment I am very exited to introduce my desalination system. This is our prototype of water desalination system. this is very small scale. Initially the salts are in the small chambers then when we apply […]

Electric Aircraft Propulsion Technology

So the question is what’s aircraft propulsion gonna look like in the future? Well the driving force behind it is trying to reduce the environmental impact, just like it is for all vehicles that burn fossil fuels, we’re trying to reduce CO2 emissions and for aircraft NOx. Immediately we’re not gonna see a massive change […]

Electric Microbes Research at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] We call this the old man. This is Geobacter growing on an electrode. It’s been on there for over 12 years, and all that time it’s been making electricity. You can power small electronics that way. A calculator, a watch– you don’t need batteries. It is an honor to have one of the […]

Electric Drag Race Car from the University of Pennsylvania

Hey my name is William from Penn Electric Racing; we are a group of about 40 students that build electric vehicles. This is our first battery electric car, it’s an electric drag racer, it started in 2006 and we will be finishing it up this year. When the signal comes through from the accelerator it […]

Electrical Engineering Technology – Big Industry Big Demand

Hello my name is Scott Shepard and I teach in the Electrical Engineering Technology department. Typically the electronic side is dealing with lower voltage stuff, so stuff in your electronics like your computers, your cell phones, your laptop, different communications type stuff, whereas the electrical side is looking at higher voltages of 120 volts, which […]

Construction Electricity

I’ve always had a very curious mind as to how things work. How they’re put together, how they come apart, and how they can be repaired. Not only is it wiring, about lights and switches. There’s a lot of theory that goes behind throwing those boxes in the walls: sizing your wires, bending pipe. I […]

How solar saves sea turtles and the future of fishing: Jesse Senko: Arizona State University (ASU)

– I never would imagine how many different groups of people would be involved, saving sea turtles. (peaceful music) – People love sea turtles. And I don’t know why people love sea turtles, but they’re an important thing to many, many people and it’s not just around the coast. You can go anywhere in this […]

A green battery for home use in rural Africa

More than a billion people live out of the grid and spend up to 30% of their incomes for light and phone charging. Mainly in developing countries and sub-saharan Africa. We developed a consumable-based iron battery that uses iron, paper and iron salt, and that can generate enough power to charge a phone and light […]