Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End | Unveiled

The Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End Our planet has gone through a number of mass extinctions, yet somehow life has managed to survive. But the Earth is only one small part of the solar system as a whole… and it would take a lot more than a single stray meteor to threaten the […]

Could We Reverse Global Warming? | Unveiled

Is It Possible to Reverse Global Warming? The average temperature on Earth is rising. And although some have written climate change off as “natural”, according to NASA reports 97% of working scientists agree that the driving force for global warming is human activity. If it’s left unchecked, we could be facing a global catastrophe. So, […]

What If Every Nuclear Power Plant Went Into Meltdown? | Unveiled

What If Every Nuclear Power Station Went into Meltdown? For more than seventy years, nuclear energy has helped satisfy the world’s insatiable need for electricity, but it carries risks as well as rewards. When it works, it is a clean alternative to fossil fuels. When it fails, the results are catastrophic. This is Unveiled and […]

How Future Cities Will Change Everything | Unveiled

What Will Our Cities Look Like in 100 Years? Our cities have a major impact on how we live our lives. Traffic, housing, infrastructure . . . all of these play a role in our day-to-day. With urban technologies advancing at breakneck speed, what will our cities look like in the future? Are you a […]

Will We Return To The Moon? | Unveiled

Will We Ever Go Back to the Moon? Our constant companion, the moon has been around since long before we arrived on the scene, and will remain after we’re gone. Even so, very few people have had the privilege of exploring the lunar surface. But maybe this will change one day, and something so rare […]

What If We Covered The Ocean With Solar Panels? | Unveiled

What If We Covered the Ocean with Solar Panels? With the planet’s future at stake, switching to renewable energy has never been more important, and solar power is usually put forward as one of the best options. So far, plans for solar farms have mostly taken shape across sprawling expanses of open land. But the […]

What If The Sun Was 2x Bigger? | Unveiled

What if The Sun Was 2x Bigger? Despite being situated on average 93 million miles from Earth, the Sun plays a crucial role in sustaining life on our planet. If it were to shrink, grow or change in any significant way, then we would definitely experience drastic changes in our lives. This is Unveiled, and […]

What If Dark Energy Was Usable? | Unveiled

What If Dark Energy Was Usable? The laws of physics are strange, and there are lots of things we don’t yet know about how our universe works. Most mysterious of all is the fact that completely unknown forces are governing our reality. Forces so unexplained that we don’t even know what they are, let alone […]

What If Humanity Built a Dyson Sphere in the Solar System? | Unveiled

What If We Fitted the Sun with a Dyson Sphere? The sun is the strongest source of energy in the solar system. Every single second, 600 million tons of hydrogen is burned as fuel to produce the heat and light we experience on Earth… it’s an arrangement that’s set to continue for another 5 billion […]