🎸 Should you buy a £60 Electric Guitar??? Glarry Stratocaster Copy for $60! 🎸

it’s a 60 pound guitar fully shipped and delivered to your door any good let’s find out Ninh explains should you buy a 60 pound guitar holy crap you’re making another guitar video yeah guys sorry is taking years to make another guitar video my youtube channel is an educational one and the sports things […]

The Best Value Pickups for Electric Guitar or Bass – Cheap & Awesome!

So guys, are you looking to upgrade your pickups but don’t have the money for Seymour Duncan’s and DiMarzio’s? This video tutorial will tell you; what the best value pickups are on the market, where to get them from, and also what are the best value pots, capacitors, and whatever. So stick around, this might […]

Let‘s Make Cars Better | Sono Motors

every year 80 million cars are being produced they’re getting bigger stronger faster that’s not what we need let’s make them better no emissons integrated car sharing integrated solar cells time’s running 30.12.2019

State of Development – Timing & SOP | Sono Motors

So when I look at it, myself, the challenges that our society will be facing in the next few decades, the Sion is the answer to many of these challenges that we have in the future. I’m Max, I’m Program Manager at Sono Motors. This means I am responsible for time, cost and quality of […]

Funding & Finance | Sono Motors

How much do our values and vision mean to us? And how much do we care about finances i.e. getting money? So you ran out of funding? On the subject of funding we may have to go back to the beginning of Sono Motors. We are in the year 2016, the concept Sion and Sono […]

Money. | Sono Motors

When you build up a company, it can sometimes go in the wrong direction And it’s all about waking up again and again and realizing, where you come from. Sono needs an incredible amount of money. And we knew that from the beginning. That was not something that we have only just discovered. Everyone told […]

Scientists Accidentally Discovered Quark Fusion, Could It Be the Future of Energy?

What’s ten times stronger than nuclear fusion!!? QUARK FUSION!! The particles that make up the neutrons and protons inside of atoms are known as quarks. And researchers found that when quarks bind together, energy is produced. Scientists have already been smashing together particles at the Large Hadron Collider but that’s been with hydrogen atoms, not […]

Solar Power ~ easy for everyone ~ intro SOLAR WORKSTATION # 3

Hey everybody! Welcome to videobreakthru! Today, we’re gonna check out The Solar Powered Work Station! Right here, we’ve just about got full sun, this is 45 watts of power and we’ve made it so it comes thru hull or into the house. right there…pretty easy to do… Let’s go inside and check it out!

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment? Brent Has Some Brilliant Insight into Solar Installs [WORTH IT!]

Brent Reveals some brilliant insight into his solar panel installation experience. So, Are Solar Panels a Good Investment? Stay tuned! My name is Brent I live here in Garden Grove. I’ve been here for almost 17 years now and I’ve recently invested with Semper Solaris for a brand new roof and solar panels my big […]

EarthGang – Up | A COLORS SHOW

Just another day In these filthy sweet Atlanta streets Back on the greenback hunt One for the money and two for the loot You want to run with boo best tie your shoe I make all your dreams and nightmares come true I’ve got all that I want, now I’ve got you To get back […]