What Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

There are numerous military conflicts, border disputes and all out wars happening right now. With all of these international conflicts comes the question of escalation. How far will they go? Could any one of these conflicts escalate enough to cause a nuclear war? To answer that we first have to look at which countries actually […]

How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

During the Cold War the US and the Soviet Union had to build underground silos to house nuclear missiles that could be launched at a few minutes notice. Now, one of the technical challenges they had to overcome that you might not think of is acoustics. Launching a missile in such a confined silo generates […]

The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

There are probably 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth, in the observable universe. We know that there might be trillions of planets. So where are all the aliens? This is the Fermi Paradox. If you want to know more about it, watch part one. Here we look at possible solutions to the […]

China to Mine the Moon for Helium-3 Advanced Nuclear Energy

China has a mission for the moon and that is to mine it especially for helium-3 in 2015 the United States passed the commercial space launch competitiveness Act of 2015 removing legal obstacles to extraterrestrial activity by foreign nations defying the Outer Space Treaty of 1979 China started gearing up in a hurry to be […]

Why Only 9 Countries Have Nuclear Weapons (feat. It’s OK to be Smart!)

(light music) – Nuclear weapons, they’re a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There’s way to many of ’em, we certainly don’t need any more, and if you actually think about what goes into making them, they’re pretty scary. I mean come on, Johnny Depp, I mean the first one was cool, but after […]

McCain Calls Liberal Rejection Of Nuclear Power ‘Concerning’ VIDEO

McCain Calls Liberal Rejection Of Nuclear Power �Concerning� [VIDEO] Jake Tapper tried to bait Sen. John McCain into denouncing Trump�s climate change policy but McCain used the question to destroy liberal opposition to nuclear power. McCain joined Tapper on the Sunday morning edition of CNN�s �State Of The Union,� where they discussed North Korea and […]

Support Our Veterans: We Thanked Paul Dugas For His Service By Installing Solar Panels On His Roof

One thing this last five years has taught me is to be strong and that’s the other thing I learned in the Marine Corps is perseverance and be strong when Kelly and I started the business together back in 2012 we really wanted to be a company that operated according to a set of principles […]

当那天来临! 中国核力量! As the War Approaches! Chinese Nuclear Power! (English Lyrics)

It is a clear, sunny morning, whistles accompanied by the sound of the bugle. But this world is not at peace, for in times of peace, there still remains unsettled storms. Are you Ready, soldier Brothers, for when that day, really comes? Fear not Motherland! Fear not loved ones! I will march on courageously for […]

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible! 2/3

three reasons why we should stop using nuclear energy one. nuclear weapons proliferation nuclear technology made a violent entrance onto the world stage just one year after the world’s first-ever nuclear test explosion in 1944 two large cities were destroyed by just two single bombs after that, reactor technology slowly evolved as a means of […]