What Happened After the Explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

It all began on April 26, at 1:23 a.m. After 2 explosions, a beam of light appeared in the sky above reactor No. 4, and a fire spread inside the plant. It was then that the first worker from the power plant died. At 1:30 a.m., the director of the power plant Viktor Bryukhanov is […]

The Promise of Nuclear Energy

Narrator: Author Richard Rhodes explains the ramifications of harnessing the energy of the atom. Richard Rhodes: The discovery of how to release the energy locked up in the nuclei of atoms was a discovery as momentous as the discovery of fire. That’s a big statement, but I think it’s valid. Nuclear energy was the first […]

Experience of Switching To Solar At Home | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Uh, really professional, I must say. Sharath (founder, Solarify) has been really supportive. Everyone, I mean, Apoorva (Solar Engineer at Solarify) … there was another person I forget his name…who started off (background) Sanketh (ex-Operations & Innovations at Solarify) ? Yes, Sanketh, I think. So, it was pretty smooth. The installation took a bit of […]

S. Korea’s oldest nuclear power plant shut down

Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor was shut down permanently on Sunday after 40 years in operation. The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation said the Kori-1 reactor in the southeastern city of Busan… continues to cool down after it was disconnected from the power grid yesterday. The Kori-1 started commercial operations in 1978… with a lifespan […]

Underground LSD Palace

HAMILTON MORRIS: Dearest Krystle, I cannot express the excitement within me when I think that shortly we will meet face to face. Over the years, I’ve read your books and watched your videos, perused court documents, police records, and affidavits, yet I still feel confused about what happened between you, Todd, and the LSD laboratory […]

Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [MUSIC PLAYING] I love photography. But I’m not really interested in a picture. There’s a difference between pictures of something and pictures about something. And I wanted to make pictures about something. Because I really am interested in this idea of science being our Achilles’ heel. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] A friend […]

Colorado Experience: Hydro Power

MAN: The cost of fuel was outstripping any kind of profit that they could get from their mine. WOMAN: At that time, the power source — coal — bringing that in to power the power plant was becoming impossible. MAN: Mine owners were constantly losing money trying to bring new and more powerful sources of […]

Radioactive Boy Scout (David Hahn) Teenager builds Nuclear Reactor

Radioactive Boy Scout, David Hahn, to earn his merit badge in nuclear science, constructed a breeder reactor in his back yard, inside his mother’s gardening shed. His lab was torn down, when because of high levels of radiation, the Environmental Protection Agency, classified his mother’s property as a Superfund cleanup site. How did David obtain […]

Colorado Experience: Ghost Towns

There are more dead towns in Colorado than there are alive ones. There are hundreds of ghost towns– either preserved or undiscovered throughout Colorado. Prospectors went where the gold was, or the silver. And these weren’t places where towns were supposed to be. But it sure is beautiful, so you can’t blame them for wanting […]

How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13 | Jamie Edwards | TEDxCERN

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Marta Palacio Nuclear power. I guess this is what most people think of when it comes to nuclear power. Well, for me, this is what I think of; or more specifically, this. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you how all this started. Even as a young […]