Soil Remediation with Electricity

This animation shows how St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates remediated soil contamination at a former chemical storage facility. The drawing shows the locations of three chemical storage tanks and the associated filling pipes. A grid pattern of borings was completed around the tanks and soil samples were collected every two feet in depth until groundwater was […]

The paradox of efficiency | Edward Tenner

Who doesn’t love efficiency? I do. Efficiency means more for less. More miles per gallon, more light per watt, more words per minute. More for less is the next best thing to something for nothing. Algorithms, big data, the cloud are giving us more for less. Are we heading toward a friction-free utopia or toward […]

USA Kills Iran Leader Qassem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani, was the Chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He was extremely famous and powerful. Soleimani of the Revolutionary Gaurds was even more powerful than the President of Iran. He was slated to be the next President of Iran. The USA have labelled the Revolutionary Gaurds a terrorist organisation because of their violent […]

Abandoned TANK FACTORY w/ RUNNING ELECTRICITY – Urbex Lost Places Austria

A variety of impressive production halls is the trademark of today’s abandoned site. This former tank factory in the middle of Vienna was left to rot around two years ago. In line with this, some spots look really clean and natural decay is hardly to be found here yet. However, the place has been through […]

204.185mph in an electric car – a new world land speed record –

Yorkshire: it may not be the most obvious place to go chasing speed records, but this is Elvington Airfield, home to a 2-mile landing strip that was once converted for emergency space shuttle landings. The goal for Drayson Racing and its driver, Lord Paul Drayson, was to break the 200 mile an hour barrier in […]

The Dark Side Of: Online Dating

I’m Charlie Berens and this “The Dark Side Of.” You know, the question all online daters ask themselves as they swipe right is, “Is this person really who they say they are?” And we’ve all heard online dating horror stories. But Acacia’s story was far beyond a bad date. I just don’t understand how a […]

Exploring Abandoned Power Plant with Electricity Still Running – Urbex Poland

As urban explorers, the former Eastern Bloc is a popular destination for our road trips. During the most golden autumn, we were targeting Poland as the next post-Soviet republic we had to explore. So, in a group of five, we set out on a multi-day adventure to find the extremes of urbex: The pristine and […]

Україна. ТОП-2019. Нові заводи, Сонячні електростанції, Комплекс Нептун, Вітрогенерація, Судно 140м.

Hi everyone. This is our new issue titled TOP-2019, where we gathered the best news from Ukraine. We also want to congratulate you on the New Year and wish you all the best. Transnational corporations have opened the fourth electronics production plant in Transcarpathia. The new plant will manufacture mobile phones, media players and computer […]

Information Theory part 5: History of Static Electricity

Around 600 BC lived Thales of Miletus, widely regarded as the first Greek philosopher, as he was the first to give a purely natural explanation of the phenomena he observed. A key observation that he made was that certain stones– such as amber– when rubbed against fur would exhibit a strange property. The amber seemed […]

A quick look at Michael Faraday – the Father of Electricity

electricity just think of a lightning bolt and we know about magnets and how they attract and repel now meet Michael Faraday one of the greatest superstars of science his work on the relationship between electricity and magnets led directly to the electric motor and the electric generator things that have transformed the way we […]