Pizza Hanky? Railroad Change, & Gulf Coast Camping!!!

good morning everyone from rainy chilly Tomball Texas I knew there was a reason I upgraded and purchased a weather sealed camera body and lens because I can’t take a month off we’re breaking records here in Texas for rain it may rain every day for the next week but it won’t rain all day […]

The Good Oil – Could waste provide a solution for water pollution?

One thing that I truly enjoy about long hikes and runs and walks is that you have an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve done you have long periods where you can think about the new experiments you can mull over everything that’s happened you know over the past week of research and you can […]

What Would It Take To Power Your Home For a Day?

Take a look around your home. Really look. How many electronics are plugged in right now? Toasters, air conditioners, and power-hungry screens surround you. The average American abode requires 30 kilowatt-hours of electricity every single day. But the amount of fuel that depends on the energy source. SOLAR PANELS One 300-watt, 18-square-foot solar panel can […]

Super High Tech Off-Grid Tiny House for Sustainable Living | Net Zero Energy Home

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re gonna give you a full tour of a super innovative Net Zero tiny house that’s 100% solar-powered. It has a full roof made of integrated solar panels, an atmospheric water generator prototype. It’s insulated with vacuum insulated panels. It has a home automated system, a sliding loft, and […]

Another tankless water heater tip for gas Vevor Marey or electric Ecosmart Eco smart

we’re gonna do something you should never forget is you want to bleed the actual new water heater and you do this by only connecting your supply line like we have there putting a bucket next to it good turn on your supply water you don’t have to have the gas on actually if you […]


– Honest reviews and advice. Hello and welcome to video. I’m not from the North. We’re looking at this video today, we’re gonna be changing out of this little Triton electric shower for a new type Triton electric shower What I will be taking out here is the Triton T40 Mark 4. They […]

Xiaomi Viomi Electric Water Kettle

Hello I’m Carlson from Ilocano Tech Review the item we’re reviewing today is the water kettle for xiaomi viomi Okay, so this is the water kettle for xiaomi If you’ll look at it, it’s casing is made from stainless steel This is it’s handle, and it has a switch that opens the lid And, this […]

How To SAVE 50% On Electric, Water And Gas Bills – Save Money

Hey there! How you doing? Do I feel far away? I’m only this big! Just that big, that’s it! Look at this art! It’s bigger than I am! But I like the art, So I hope you like the art too. I think they’re pretty neat. I think they’re pretty thought provoking. You’re joining me […]

MIT’s passive solar-powered water desalination system achieves ultrahigh-efficiency

A completely passive solar-powered desalination system developed by researchers at MIT and in China could provide more than 1.5 gallons of fresh drinking water per hour for every square meter of solar collecting area. Such systems could potentially serve off-grid arid coastal areas to provide an efficient, low-cost water source. The system uses multiple layers […]

Maryland’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Architecture Audiovisual Presentation

The University of Maryland’s Solar Decathlon 2011 entry, entitled WaterShed, is inspired by the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. The home interconnects architecture, engineering, and landscape features, creating a holistic design that responds to challenges of both energy and water consumption.WaterShed’s constructed wetlands are at the heart of the design. The constructed wetlands store storm water and […]