What If We Nuked The Sun?

Imagine, if you will, a world without conflict. Peace reigns supreme across all continents, no more fighting, no more killing. Doesn’t that sound nice? Food and drink for everyone, a place to live for all. Utopian, sure, but it is nice to think about! But there’s one big problem with a world like that: all […]

What If We Generated Electricity With Our Bodies?

Imagine you could generate electricity from your hands. You’d be able to power anything you want, with a single touch. Now what about generating electricity with your feet? Or even your blood? Actually, our bodies constantly conduct electricity, and it all has to do with our atoms. When we send signals through our nervous system, […]

What if we Burn all the Fossil Fuels? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What If we Burn all the Fossil Fuels? Then, I will eat all the burgers in the world. Oh AumSum. Fossil fuel is a natural fuel such as coal, oil or natural gas. Which has formed over millions of years from the anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms. Now, if we were to […]

What If There’s No Internet for 24 Hours

It’s 7am, and the sound of your alarm wakes you up. You reach over to the nightstand to pick up your phone. With your eyes half-closed, you notice you don’t have any new notifications. “Hmm, that’s weird.” But mostly, you’re more concerned with getting some coffee in you first! So, you get up, grab a […]

What If All The World’s Electricity Went Out? #QnA

Hi guys! Raccoon Max is here! Today I am going to answer some very interesting questions that you posted in the comments of previous videos. And if you want your question to appear on the next “question and answer” video, write them in the comments below with the hashtag #QnA. DidYouKnow asks: What Would Happen […]

WHAT IF electricity suddenly disappeared

Did you know that on 15 June 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted his prominent experiment where he launched a kite into a storm cloud aiming to collect electricity. In a year Russian scientist Georg Richmann attempted to replicate the experiment but this attempt didn’t end well. He was killed by a ball lightning in the process. […]

What if You Drilled into a Volcano

The Earth’s surface is shaking; long cracks split the ground open; lava rivers are rapidly flowing down the slopes; explosions sound more and more often; rocks and other debris are flying into the air; the sky is darkened by the clouds of ash. Nah, it’s not a plot of a new disaster movie! It’s just […]

Can Planting Billions Of Trees Halt Climate Change?

The world is burning. In California alone, some 3 million acres have burned since 2017. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been more than 121,000 fires in Brazil, and more than half of those have been in the Amazon rainforest. These fires cost the planet trees, which help fight climate change. The 2018 wildfire […]

What If You Were Hit By a Nuclear Bomb?

Nuclear weapons are the most powerful and destructive weapons that mankind has invented. With thousands of nuclear weapons currently stockpiled by a number of countries around the world, there is more than enough destructive power out there to end all life on the planet many times over. We’ve been lucky to avoid all out nuclear […]

What If You Were the Last Person on Earth?

This is ‘What If,’ and here’s how you can survive as the last person on earth. So, you wake up one day and find that you’re the only person left in the world. Kind of cool, right? No obligations, no rules, no limits. Go for the exotic fruits first. If your mangos and bananas are […]