The Problem With Renewable Energy (and how we’re fixing it)

For a few hours in May 2016, for the first time in more than a century, Britain was burning zero coal to generate electricity. None at all. All the coal-fired power plants were turned off. And this here is one of the reasons why. Welcome to the Griffin Wind Farm in Scotland. 68 turbines, more […]

High Lonesome: the story of the construction of the Enel Green Power wind farm in Texas

We are in Rankin, Texas, on probably the largest wind project going on in the U.S. this year. This is the toughest project I’ve ever been on. Truthfully. It’s a really large, complex project. So the High Lonesome wind project consists of 164 turbines and the project is spread out over 20 miles from the […]

Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

People have been harnessing the power of wind for thousands of years, the earliest recorded evidence of this can be seen over 1000 years ago in Persia. But these machine have evolved from simple devices used to crush grain and pump water to towering monsters generating enough electricity to power entire towns. Traditional wind turbines […]

Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy? – Expo 2017 Astana

What if we could magic up energy? It’d be fantastic wouldn’t it? We can replace our unsightly power stations with grand wizard spires and why use coal? In this fantasy world we could use some sort of glowing purple crystal. Yeah that’s right! Just one of them could use its magical rays to send lightning […]

Wind Energy – Boosting renewables

More than 60% of the world’s offshore wind turbines – – rise from foundations engineered by Ramboll. Onshore, we’ve provided expert services to wind farms – – with a nominal output of 60 gigawatt in more than 60 countries. Also, we’ve been responsible for ten full detail designs and certifications – – of offshore substations […]

A Trump-supporting Texas city runs on 100% renewable energy

In the heart of Trump country, Texas, one city runs on 100% renewable energy: Georgetown. Population: 70,685. For Republican mayor Dale Ross, the choice to go renewable was a no-brainer. It’s still rare to find a place where renewables are the only source of energy but Georgetown is a sign that it’s possible in a […]

A Texas oil town learns to love wind

It’s something in West Texas that you don’t lack. You know there’s gonna be wind in West Texas. Every day. There’s never a day that goes by. (light, strumming music) – The problem with being an oil town is the fluctuation. Prices go up, people hire, they move in, create jobs, and then when prices […]