“Free Energy” Magnetic Fidget Spinner Motor Real?

As you can see, if I move the magnet around the fidget spinner, it spins. this meme is dead Now, lets put a second magnet here. We get the same results as before. Now as you can see, these are real magnets. Now lets take a strong magnet (A neodymium magnet) near it. [Music] I […]

The environmental costs of fossil fuels

welcome in this video I will discuss the environmental cost of using fossil fuels all fossil fuel emmissions pollute carbon dioxide co2 that is released into the air causes changes in global climate emissions also cause severe health problems including cancer irritation and poisoning. technology and legislation can reduce pollution in addition there is also […]

Imagining a world without fossil fuels | BBC Ideas

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How do wind turbines generate electricity? – IN 60 SECONDS

How do offshore wind turbines generate electricity? You probably know that wind turbines produce electricity from wind. But how do they do it Let’s take a look at this particular offshore wind turbine. Sensors on top of the turbine measure wind speed and direction They signal the yaw-motors in which direction to turn in order […]

How to Generate Your Own Electricity At Home -(Generate Own Electricity)

How to Generate Your Own Electricity At Home

2019 has been extraordinary – watch the full story

2019 has been extraordinary. We kicked off the year as the Smart Energy Partner for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. With electric snowmobiles, battery storage solutions and solar panels we achieved our goal to make it a climate smarter skiing event. Our biggest solar farm to date has now seen the light of day […]

Michael Moore & Me

I never thought I would say this, but I have something in common with Michael Moore. Yes, we’ve both made documentary films on energy. No shocker there, but get this… We’ve come to the same conclusions! Oil, natural gas and coal are essential to our lives and wind and solar technologies and electric cars aren’t […]

The Microlubgear Project

KIC InnoEnnergy’s unique innovation programme aims at transforming technology available in the labs into new successful products and services for the energy sector. We offer a long term, stable, European collaboration framework with clear IP rules, an attractive funding scheme and the finding of a first customer for the projects. In the field of renewable […]

Germany: The world’s first major renewable energy economy

The planet Earth will be completely devastated by 2050 if natural resources will be exploited at the current rate. The man barbarically devastate the planet, preventing it from being able to recover. According to the scientists, in 50 years people will have to move to another planet, because life on Earth will be impossible. This […]