How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Panel Cable for Transferring Electricity

Alright, we’ve got our fat wire going over to our twelve volt batteries which we have saw earlier and will revisit again in a minute. This is a somewhat resistant low voltage landscape cable in size eight gage. So, we’ve got quite a bit of current carrying ability here and let’s hook it up to […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Thin Film Solar Modules

Now we have here a little different kind of panel. The latest manufactures have gone to what is called the thin film module where they are trying to use the smallest amount of the silicon. Which as it turns out is the most pure product and the most expensive. So with a smaller amount of […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Panel Mounting Rails

Now once we get our panels into position where we can mount them on the roof, we need a secure mounting. These are professionally designed, extruded aluminum rails that go together with extruded and specially designed aluminum clips. These slide together and are adjustable at that point, and once you have your rail actually mounted […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Wiring for Solar Panels

Alright! We’ve got the panels mounted and now we’re ready to connect the wiring that brings the power down to our charge controller which is located on the ground. We’re going to be using this BX style wire which is just twelve gage wire with a wrapping of sturdy aluminum on the outside to protect […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Rechecking Solar Panel Placement

Alright! We’ve got our panel up on the roof and our tracks are installed, now let’s just lay this one in place and see if it fits. Bring it up. Watch out, we’ve got a little clip ready to go right here. Get this thing held in place a little bit. Snug up another clip […]

Powering stuff when there is a power outage

Hi! I spent the new year’s countdown in the dark because there was a power outage and half the city was out. I finally thought of a solution, though, but… 2016 was already gone! See, I have this power inverter for use in a car. You connect it to your cigarette lighter or directly to […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Panel Voltage Testing Meters

So now we’ve got our BX wire coming from the roof with our solar panel attached. And, we’re going to test the voltage now, just to see that we’ve got what we think we have. Here we’ve got our positive and negative and we’ve got our volt meter set to DC power. We’re reading 38.78 […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Grid Tie Inverters for Solar Energy

So today we’re installing just a small battery system but for larger houses they make a whole range of equipment. This is a grid tie inverter. We’ll just take the cover off and you can see, it’s not really that complex. We’ve got giant coils and switching and some electronics in there. So for a […]

How to Install Solar Panels : How to Perform a Charge Test on a Solar Energy System

Alright. We’ve got everything connected, it appears to be working fine. Let’s just do a charging test to make sure we’ve got what we think we have. Now, we’ve got our clamp meters set up for DC amperage and we’re going to clamp it on to the red wire which comes from the charge controller […]

How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Energy System Sizes

Now, we’ll talk a little bit about the sizing of these systems. It depends on what you want to actually run, and of course how much money you have. We’re going to go on the smaller side, just today. If you’re trying to power your whole house, and you had air conditioning, and stoves, and […]