Best Electric Shaver 2020 | Best Electric Shaver For Men review

you series seven from brown with an 8d fully flexible shaving head with perfectly adapts to contours and with unique sonic technology that reads and adapts to the density of your beard for fewer strokes and a shave gentler than ever before new series 7 from Brown when it’s time for a shave I want […]

Audi Tech Defined: MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

One of the big engineering challenges was to make a Mild Hybrid system that you could use with every drivetrain at Audi. My name is Oguz Eksi and I am responsible for the 48 Volt Mild Hybrid Systems. We assist the engine every time we have enough energy in our battery. We have three main […]

How to do produce electricity with a lemon | Science Projects

easy trick ( hack ) how to generate electricity with a lemon with cheap materials and home materials only need a lemon copper wire and steel wire funny science experiment for kids enjoy it

10 Future Electric Cars and Autonomous Vehicles that You Must See

Welcome to Automotive Territory Daily News! The electric car market is booming right now. While Tesla is trying to monopolize the market, other manufacturers take baby steps towards making their electric lineups happen and present their vision cars of the future. If you don’t believe that Tesla is likely to have any competition in the […]

Moreland Council’s Solar Panel Bulk Buy – Martin

I’m Martin, we’re here at my house in Coburg North We’ve got solar panels here, we’ve had them for about 6 months now through the Positive Charge program with Moreland Council. We’d been thinking about solar panels for a while but the difficulty is trying to select a supplier that you can trust so having […]

IoT & EcoStruxure Plant: Energy Efficient Water Treatment Plants | Schneider Electric

[MUSIC PLAYING] With the challenges of population growth, climate change, and increasing scrutiny from customers and regulators, factors like safety, reliability, and sustainability are vital for most industries. Water and wastewater is no exception. Thankfully, while the challenges have grown, technology is enabling better and smarter solutions. EcoStruxure Plant is an IoT-enabled, open and interoperable […]

Electric Kiwi – Your toaster doesn’t need expensive power!

We’re gonna have so much safe fun today at Toasterland He’s just getting so big! Toby’s amazing with crumpets. He’s so fussy though. Oh I know, only the best power for Greg or he won’t even toast You need the expensive stuff, don’t you Gregory? Your toaster doesn’t need expensive power Get guaranteed savings, no […]

How to Use My Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver | Braun Shavers

[MUSIC PLAYING] When it’s time for a shave, I want ultimate shaving performance and skin comfort. After powering up my Braun shaver, I hold it at a 90-degree angle to my face. The Braun Series 9 has a fully-flexible shaving system which adapts to every contour of my face. Even problem areas, such as the […]

15 Leading Vehicles All Electric for 2020 | New and Upcoming

As we move into the new decade, electric vehicles are swiftly charging ahead with radical changes in design and propulsion. The trend is clear, with technological breakthroughs and new materials paving the way, cementing their place in the future of transportation as their foothold becomes more prominent. I’m Glenn, and today we’re bringing you 15 […]