First time using electric scooter ( eng subs ) | DimiVlog

Happy new year welcome back to my vlog after a long time yes i know it we stopped for a little bit to fix the apartment it is almost done only doors and the stuff like table sofa etc i wanted to show you how it looks now but i will show you guys when […]

Third Row Tesla Podcast – Elon’s Story – Part 1

welcome to the thermo Tesla podcast my name’s Sathyan for ball and today we have a very special guest but before I introduce our special guest I’m gonna go through and introduce our crew so our regular throat elsewhat podcaster crew so today we have omar Kazi hustle truth boom and we have Kristen hey […]

Rehabilitation After Stroke Functional Electrical Stimulation FES Facilitates Walking

We’re going to have the electrodes on all five of your major muscle groups in your leg so that it provides simulation for them. So what’s that major muscle group down there? This is the Anterior Tibialis, it helps to dorsiflex your foot. It helps to bring your foot up off the ground. This is […]

TE Connectivity: SOLARLOK 1-Rail Junction Box, Potting Version

Hello. My name is Greg Paukert. I’m a product manager for TE Connectivity, Solar and I’d like to introduce to you our 1-Rail Junction Box Assembly, the potted version. One of the design challenges I gave our design team was to make this as small as possible. And one of the advantages you get with […]

How Do You Determine Solar Equipment Quality?

How do you determine solar equipment quality? There are three main factors to consider when evaluating the quality of solar equipment: efficiency, durability, and warranties. First, efficiency will tell you how well the solar equipment converts sunlight into usable electricity. Higher quality equipment will be more efficient and usually cost more upfront. However, high efficiency […]

Solar Panel Review – Portable backpacking phone charger

hi I’m Joanne with Broadcast Sunny and I’m reviewing the solar phone recharger buy Goal 0 this is the nomad 7. I’m not getting paid for this review nor got anything from the company. I doubt they even though I am doing this review. What’s included? Magnetic, to let it, let it hold. Solar panels […]

Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?

I’ve been driving electric cars for a while, starting back in 2007 when I built my own out of an Eagle Talon I bought from a Junk Yard. And I got a little bit of local fame for doing so. At least one man has found a way to save some cash and help the […]

8.02x – Lect 1 – Electric Charges and Forces – Coulomb’s Law – Polarization

I’m Walter Lewin. My lectures will in general not be a repeat of your book but they will be complementary to the book. The book will support my lectures. My lectures will support the book. You will not see any tedious derivations in my lectures. For that we have the book. But I will stress […]

Rise of the Kidpreneurs – Why our students will need an entrepreneurial spirit

– We often think about, when we’re teaching kids that we’re teaching them to come into careers. Right, you’re a career counsellor, you get this. And we think about a job that they’re going to do, we think “okay well do you like law, do you like medicine?” because we still have our streams of […]

Light Induced Degradation in amorphous silicon solar cells: Part 2

In the last video I was talking about this phenomenon of light induced degradation. And it gives a lot of sleepless nights to manufacturers of amorphous silicon based solar panels especially because that’s where this light induced degradation is is most you know most severely experienced. And it can reduce the efficiency of these panels […]