Adam’s Finger Accident – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/31/20

this week’s episode of still untitled is made possible with support from Microsoft Surface introducing the new Microsoft Surface laptop 3 with its beautiful touch screen you’ll experience stunning graphics with razor-sharp resolution now available with 13 and 1/2 or 15 inch screen and with the latest processors there’s no project the surface laptop can’t […]

Thermo-electric technology into a power station

KAT: So in a power station we have a lot of things that are very hot and things that you’re trying to cool down, so there does seem to be capacity to use thermo-electric technology, but you’re proposing a slightly different way, not using the difference between heat and cold to generate electricity but something […]

5 Pros 5 Cons Of The 2020 Renault Zoe ZE50

welcome to today’s video today’s video I’m going to be doing with five pros and five cons on the new Renault Zoe Z.E.50 this is the first right hand drive model in the UK and this will be the first right hand drive model review in the UK [MUSIC] so the new ZE50 when it […]

319th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 12, 2020

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are generated by computer and subject to further review and update by a human. innovative revolutionary stellar development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body enhancement […]

Why Quad Bikes Are Awesome – /RideApart

[MUSIC PLAYING] GRANT RAY: We’re here at Hungry Valley, about an hour north of LA. We’ve three of the Suzuki Z400 quadsports. We’ve got the massive Kingquad. And we’ve got a whole bunch of dirt and mud. Welcome to RideApart. MALE SPEAKER: Grant and I have been toying with the idea, both of us toying […]

Solar Maintenance With A Power Purchase Agreement

If you do choose a PPA, a power purchase agreement to go with, after everything’s done, how do you maintain it? Who maintains it? How does that work? Do you have to do anything? Does it cost you anything? What does that look like? How long do you have to maintain it? What should you […]

321st Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 26, 2020

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are generated by computer and subject to further review and update by a human. you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you welcome welcome everyone to the 320 first knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday March 26 2020 this is a broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute and part of the […]

Auto Industry and Coronavirus l Covid-19 l #stayhome ⚠️⛔

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today we will talk a little bit about the auto industry after coronavirus and how the coronavirus or covid-19 affect the auto industry and I am here to give you a few information about those stuff I have a lot of friends in auto industry and […]