How to make custom length battery cables for off grid solar

00:00 hello Dan here this video is gonna be 00:02 about how to make custom length cables 00:05 for your solar or wind battery bank I’m 00:11 I’m using four gauge copper copper 00:15 braided wire and lots of solder anyway I 00:20 hope you enjoy if you like please 00:21 subscribe hello there it’s […]


hey guys today I have a multifunctional tool to show you it’s an emergency radio backup power supply in a flashlight all-in-one this is the MECO emergency radio Solar Hand Crank multifunctional survival tool I believe that it’s important to be prepared for any type of emergency especially weather-related situations where the power might be […]

Between Two Nerds #7 | Electricity & Solar Energy | Science Podcast

Hello and welcome to another episode of Curiosity Lab’s Between Two Nerds, where each week, if you’ve watched or listened to us before, you will know that we invite a tiny human being to sit between us and have a little chat about science. This week our tiny human being is… Spatika and I am […]

No Money ? Have A Pioneer Christmas ,Christmas Without the Expense

it’s early morning here and I wanted to share with you what my mornings look like I really enjoy giving a glimpse of my life with all of you many years ago I decided to create a very peaceful environment in my life and I’m so glad I did I took the chaos of the […]

1000 WATT SOLAR OFF GRID CAMPERVAN // van life meetup

so here I am working on the van this morning Saturday morning beautiful day and this is my first solo vlog I’m not sure where Becca and Eamon went to but obviously they know something and who shows up at our good friend here Eric he doing here and he also is nice enough to […]

Off grid DIY Duel Axis Automatic Solar Tracker Design and Installation

00:01 hello it’s Dan again here I’m up on my 00:05 very scary treehouse solar array the 00:10 first one I built last year I got a 00:13 little bit of glare but just to give you 00:15 an idea of how insane this is I’m at 00:19 treetop level all around and I built […]

Nonprofit solar project financing in Texas using PACE

I’m in Austin today outside the Frank Pickett Scout training center You can see there’s a nice mid-sized solar system on the roof there We financed that about six or seven years ago back when I was at Sun power and I’m here today specifically to talk about financing for nonprofit customers in Texas and […]

DIY Duel Axis Automatic Solar Tracker Design and Installation

00:00 hello Dan again I’m here to talk about 00:02 automatic solar trackers they greatly 00:06 improved my input these automatic solar 00:09 trackers now could be found for like 00:11 eighty dollars per kilowatt you know of 00:13 panels that they can turn 00:16 I recommend dual access solar trackers 00:20 of course because […]

Introducing Solar Service Plans from Stable Solar

Hi there. I’m Greg Sellers, CEO of stable solar stable solar. Our focus and passion are serving homeowners who rely on their solar panels to deliver clean and inexpensive energy. Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of three unique maintenance plans that give solar homeowners true value and deliver what we call solar […]

Maximum solar panel input PowMr 60 amp mppt solar charge controller

so it’s like a really partly cloudy day today here in Oregon what is it mid-march in my two solar arrays they’re on solar trackers pointing to the you know mid noon Sun anyway it’s been hitting over 800 all day and I get people telling me oh that’s not possible anyway I wanted to […]